112.1 Graduate Studies

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112.1 Graduate Studies


A.  Background

Though primarily an undergraduate liberal arts university, Furman has offered some version of the master’s degree since its founding.  Graduate Studies administers the specific degree and post-baccalaureate programs offered at the advanced level in cooperation with the individual academic departments.


B.  Policy

Graduate Studies is governed by policies and procedures of the Faculty of Furman University and overseen by the Graduate Studies Council (Constitution, Article VII).  Guidelines for graduate faculty are set forth in policy 157.2. This program is under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of Graduate and Evening Studies.


C.  Guidelines

1. The Executive Director of Graduate and Evening Studies acts as a liaison between the Graduate Council, the Undergraduate Evening Studies Council, departments offering courses for graduate credit, and departments offering credit in Undergraduate Evening Studies, and reports directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2. The Graduate Council, in cooperation with the academic administration, shall develop curricular policies and recommend changes in these policies for all graduate academic programs—regular session, summer session, and special programs. In addition, the Council is charged with developing polices on all academic matters affecting graduate students, including but not limited to academic calendar, course-weight proposals, general education requirements, graduation requirements, academic probation, transfer of credit, and grading. The Council shall submit its recommendations to the faculty.

3. Faculty teaching graduate-level courses must be approved by the Executive Director of Graduate and Evening Studies in consultation with the appropriate department chair or Center, Institute, or program director. Faculty and adjuncts who teach graduate-level courses are evaluated by the Executive Director and/or the appropriate department chair.

4. Graduate Studies reserves the right to cancel any course in which there is insufficient enrollment or a lack of a qualified instructor.