100.0 Faculty Security

Created by: Pat Teague on 08/20/2001
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 00 - General
Originator: Board of Trustees
Current File: 100.0
Adoption Date: 04/14/2009
Reviewed for Currency: 04/14/2009
Replaces File: 100.0
Date of Origin: 01/25/1977
Classification: Faculty
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100.0 Faculty Security


A. Background

The faculty cannot function at their greatest effectiveness unless there are certain guarantees of their security and professional rights.



B. Policies

The trustees have the final authority to define, set, and modify policies for the University. The trustees affirm that there should be policies that provide the faculty the security and protection to which they are entitled as members of the academic profession.

1. Individual Contract. Each full-time faculty member shall be provided with a written contract at the time of his or her employment. This document should define in specific terms the duties of the faculty member, any limitations upon his or her professional or personal conduct, salary and fringe benefits, any special commitments as to rank, promotion, and tenure, and any other matters pertinent to the responsibilities of each party to the other. The faculty member is entitled to such a contract--whether by means of a renewal letter or other form--before the beginning of each year of reemployment.

2. Academic Freedom. The trustees understand that the principle of academic freedom is vital to the faculty member's pursuit of truth in his or her discipline and to the faculty member's effectiveness in the educational process. Therefore, the trustees guarantee this right as stated in File 137.8 of the Faculty Handbook.

3. Due Process. The trustees fully support the principle of due process and guarantee that this right will be provided to tenured faculty as stated in File 131.5 and to non-tenured faculty as stated in File 198.2, both located in the Faculty Handbook.

4. Termination. Any faculty member whose contract is not to be renewed will receive written notice of that decision. The time of notice, unless the termination is for cause, will be determined by the guidelines recommended by the AAUP.

5. Equal Opportunity. The trustees pledge their full support of all Federal laws pertaining to equal opportunity and employment practices as they apply to the Furman faculty and staff.

6. Tenure. The trustees endorse the principle of tenure. Tenure should be granted only after very careful study of the faculty member's qualifications, and only to those persons who definitely have shown evidence that they will be superior teachers, active scholars, and engaged members of the University community.

7. Fringe Benefits. The trustees endorse the concept of providing fringe benefits to the faculty and staff. As long as the University is financially able to do so, it should provide such benefits as an annuity program, health and life insurance, tuition concessions for dependents, sabbatical leaves, support for professional development, and other assistance.

8. Promotions. The trustees support a procedure for granting promotions in rank to deserving and qualified faculty members. The procedure should include a reliable system of review and evaluation..