000.6 Governance

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000.6 Governance


A. Background

The purpose of Furman University's governance is to achieve optimum results through effective utilization of the university's internal and external resources. Ultimate authority and responsibility for the institution's governance are vested by the charter and bylaws in the Board of Trustees. The internal governance of the university is delegated to the President. The present administration is implementing a participatory system of governance which gives faculty and students a voice in decision making. The following policy statement is intended to clarify basic governance concepts which should guide institutional decisions at all levels.


B. Policy

Those responsible for the governance of Furman University are committed to a concept of decentralized, participative governance based on appropriate delegation, without abdication, of responsibility and authority. The responsibility for planning and control shall be placed as close as practical to the point of execution. Every person in charge of a department, program, or activity should formulate, within available budget, plans and recommendations for his or her own area of responsibility which can be coordinated with other activities and can be consolidated at higher levels to support the goals, objectives, and policies of the university.


C. Guidelines

1. Governance should be consistent with Furman's nature and purpose.

2. Furman should strive to promote constructive change, keeping attuned to educational and environmental trends without losing sight of traditional values.

3. The President has the responsibility for seeing that program priorities are established.

4. Ethical and legal standards should be maintained in all relationships.

5. Decisions should be based on the objective consideration of the best information available.

6. Appropriate constituent participation should be utilized in university governance.

7. Authority delegated to the organized faculty and to the Student Government Association is defined in their respective constitutions as approved by the Board of Trustees.

8. Each individual throughout the university is accountable for his or her performance and should be evaluated periodically and compensated on that basis.