851.1 Criminal History Background Checks

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851.1 Criminal History Background Checks


A. Background

Furman University believes that all employees and students have the right to work and study in a safe environment. 


B. Policy

All job applicants, employees, contractors, and volunteers, as well as existing employees taking on secondary assignments which require working with minor children, temporary staff, or volunteers, must undergo criminal history background checks prior to the first day of employment or assignment. 


C. Guidelines

1.  Criminal history background checks are conducted by the University Police at the request of the Office of Human Resources.

2.  The results of the criminal history background checks are reviewed by the University Police Chief and the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources or their designees. 

3.  Individuals for whom the criminal history background check reveals a criminal history will be notified and will be given the opportunity to provide an explanation of and challenge the results.

4.  Furman University reserves the right to refuse to employ a job candidate or enter into a secondary assignment or relationship with an employee, independent contractor, contractor's employee, or volunteer if the individual fails to complete a criminal history background check, is found to have an unacceptable criminal history or failed to disclose a complete criminal history. 

5.  Information collected during the criminal history background check shall only be used for evaluating the individual for employment or the specific secondary assignment.

a. The information shall remain confidential and shall not be released or otherwise disclosed, except to persons involved in gathering and reviewing the information, and except as required by law.

b.  Any Furman University employee who releases results of criminal history background checks may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

6.  All employees, contractors, volunteers, and their supervisors are responsible for disclosing any misdemeanor or felony conviction(s) that occur while assigned to the university within three business days of the conviction or upon return to a university assignment.

7.  The Office of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining and updating the policies and procedures relevant to criminal history background checks.