001.1 University Calendar of Public Events

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 05/02/2007
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001.1 University Calendar of Events


A. Background

In order to coordinate and publicize activities, to avoid conflicts, and to make sure that Furman facilities are available, an official calendar is based on R25 entries made by departments and individuals.


B. Policy

Furman maintains an official calendar, including academic and non-academic events.


C. Guidelines

1. The academic calendar is set by the Provost after consultation with the Academic Calendar Committee.

2. The Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for maintaining an official calendar of public events including the dates established by the Provost as made available through the R25 master calendar.

3. An on-going online calendar system comes from entries made in R25 and is used for publicity purposes. This self-reporting calendar will be the official events calendar for the University and will be available online and used by the Office of Marketing and Public Relations for promotional purposes.

4. Facilities should be scheduled for use by the person responsible for the event through the web-based events calendar.