039.1 Visitors to the Campus

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039.1 Visitors to the Campus


A. Background

Furman University has always welcomed visitors to its campus. Access to the campus and the use of university facilities, however, are primarily for students, faculty, staff, and their families. Therefore the following policy relative to visitors has been adopted.


B. Policy

Visitors desiring to view the campus, attend public events, or meet with students, faculty, or staff are welcome when the gates are open. Young people below sixteen years of age must be accompanied by adults. Visitors may utilize the various university facilities in accordance with the policies specified for the facility. Since the design of the campus does not provide for on-the-street parking, visitors should use one of the various parking lots. The road encircling the lake may be utilized for parking during the summer outdoor band concerts. The university is not responsible in case of theft or damage to property or accident suffered by anyone visiting the campus and using its facilities.


C. Guidelines

1. Dependents of faculty and staff are not considered visitors, but for reasons of security and personal safety, are subject to regulations governing the use of university grounds and facilities.

2. Arrangements for groups who wish to visit the campus for less than twenty-four hours on their own initiative and have not been invited by some person or office on campus are to be handled by the Office of Marketing and Public Relations unless an overnight stay is involved, in which case arrangements are handled by the Office of Conferences and Events.

3. Visitors of students, faculty, or other members of the Furman community may visit the residence halls and apartments in accordance with the regulations published in The Helmsman, the student handbook.

4. Sales representatives desiring to contact students on campus must obtain written permission from the Director of University Housing.

5. Traffic regulations to provide for the safe and orderly flow of all campus traffic are applicable to all vehicles operated on the campus. Visitors will receive warning notices for violations of these regulations. Recreational cycling is permitted on the campus; team practices and doing laps on the mall are not permitted. Skateboarding and rollerblading activities on campus are limited to students, faculty, staff, and their dependents.

6. Visitors to unauthorized areas of the campus as defined by this policy will be asked to leave those areas and may be subject to a trespassing charge.

7. Underage possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs not prescribed by a physician are not permitted on campus.  Visitors violating these regulations will be asked to leave the campus and be subject to legal action. Such violations may result in denial of use of university facilities.

The Board of Trustees adopted the following policy on alcohol consumption at its February, 2009 session:


Furman University confirms its policy that consumption of alcoholic beverages by students is prohibited in residential [except as to existing University policy regarding The Vinings] and educational facilities and in all other campus locations except as specifically approved below, which revises and amends the prior resolution of this Committee dated May 17, 2003, and any other prior resolution concerning this issue.


All venues which are authorized for alcohol consumption must be regulated and supervised by Aramark or other such service providers utilizing their licenses. Furman will neither apply for nor obtain in its own name licenses for the service of alcoholic beverages.

Service of alcoholic beverages will be allowed at the following facilities:

(a) Cherrydale Alumni Center;

(b) Younts Conference Center;

(c) Timmons Arena;

(d) Furman University Golf Course;

(e) The Vinings; and

(f) The Cliffs Cottage.

Service of alcoholic beverages will be permitted only for catered or special group events approved by Furman University in those locations. In addition, beer and wine may be sold only to individuals, only at the Furman University Golf Course at an approved designated location there, and must only be dispensed in plastic cups or other such “individual serving” containers. No beer cans or bottles are permitted. Additionally, for special events not involving students, the President of Furman University may authorize the serving of alcohol at other venues on the Furman campus to persons who have attained the legal drinking age. Service of alcohol at such events will be subject to the limitations stated elsewhere in this policy.

Furman students who have attained the legal drinking age will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, at the above specified locations, if these venues are regulated pursuant to procedures that seek to ensure safety, discipline, responsible behavior and compliance with legal prohibitions against underage drinking.

All events which are authorized for alcohol consumption must be coordinated by Aramark or other professional catering service, utilizing their licenses. All such events must also be supervised by Furman University Public Safety. Furman will neither apply for nor obtain in its own name licenses for the service of alcoholic beverages.

8. Visitors are welcome on campus for the purpose of transacting business at the post office in the University Center.

9. Dogs are permitted on university property only if they are on a leash. Any dogs not on leashes will be picked up by Animal Control and taken to the Greenville Humane Society Animal Shelter at the owner's expense. Visitors on the campus accompanied by a dog not on a leash will be requested to place the dog on a leash or leave the campus.

10. Horses are not permitted on University property unless owned by 1) a member of the Equestrian Club or 2) an individual under contract with the Chaplains Office or the Office of Conference and Event Services.

11. Visitors interested in scheduling on-campus weddings should contact the Office of Conference and Event Services for information. Most sites (e.g., chapel, rose garden, parlors in Lakeside Housing) are restricted to use by Furman-related people, but off-campus visitors are welcome to use some sites including Hartness Pavilion.

12. University facilities are available to visitors according to the following regulations. A faculty or staff member may not invite or permit outsiders to use any university facilities other than the facility directly under his or her supervision.

a. Tennis Courts: Visitors are permitted to use outdoor tennis courts on a pay basis. Membership in the Racquet Club is available to a limited number of outsiders on a seasonal or annual basis at set fees.

b. Golf Course: Memberships are available to non-Furman affiliated players on a fee basis.

c. Athletics Building (Old Gym): Use of facilities is available to students, faculty and staff admitted by ID card. Special cards are issued to trustees and Advisory Council members. Children of faculty and staff may obtain permits from the Athletic Director to play when the gym floor is not being used. These children may not bring guests. Children under 12 must be supervised by their parents. Groups desiring to use facilities in the Athletics Building should contact the Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics.

d. Lay Physical Activities Center: Generally, regulations are the same as for the Athletics Building. Groups desiring to use facilities should contact the Chair of the Health and Exercise Science Department.

e. Playing Fields: Groups wishing to use any of the intercollegiate athletic fields should contact the Athletic Director (See Policies and Procedures Manual, File 622.5.).  Use of other playing fields and areas is governed by the Director of Recreational Sports.

f. Lake: Fishing in the lake is prohibited. Each year an ecological review is made of the lake by the Biology Department. When it is determined that there is an overpopulation of fish in the lake, a short-term fishing activity is coordinated by the Public Safety Department with Student Activities. The picnic shelter at the end of the lake is open to the public. The shelter can be reserved by calling the Office of Marketing and Public Relations. Those with reservations receive first priority.

g. Academic Facilities: Arrangements to visit a class should be made with the appropriate faculty member. Groups desiring to use classrooms, lecture rooms, or other facilities should contact the office of the Registrar between 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., and they will be referred to the appropriate person depending on the space they want to use and when they want to use it.

h. University Center: This building is available to students, faculty, staff, and their families. Use of areas by any groups must be arranged with the Director. Under special circumstances, outside groups may arrange meetings in the Center with payment of designated fees.

i. Libraries: Visitors are welcome to use the university libraries for research.  Visitors who wish to use online resources may ask for a temporary login at the circulation or research assistance desk in the James B. Duke Library.  Library cards are available to alumni, trustees, Advisory Council members, and students from area colleges at no charge.  Friends of the Library cards allowing checkout privileges are available to other community members for an annual fee.  Some services are not available to visitors, such as interlibrary loan.  Details on regulations regarding library use are available on the library website and policies 172.1, 172.2, 174.2, and 176.1.  The Duke Library serves as the main library and houses government documents and special collections and archives.  Other campus libraries include the Maxwell Music Library and the Ezell Science Reading Room.

j. Daniel Dining Hall: Outside groups may arrange for meals by conferring with the Director of Dining Services. Outsiders visiting someone on-campus or attending an on-campus event, singly or a few together, may use the cafeteria line and pay stated amounts for meals.

k. McAlister Auditorium: Individuals or groups desiring to use facilities in the auditorium should contact the auditorium manager (See Policies and Procedures Manual, File 330.1.). There is a set fee schedule for outside groups.