071.1 Information Technology Services

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071.1 Information Technology Services


A. Background

The dynamic nature of information technology and the reduced need for large, centralized mainframe computing has resulted in the creation of an Information Technology Services department. Information Technology Services encompasses the departments formerly known as the Computer Center, Audio Visual Services, and Telephone Services. The Chief Information Officer (See File 071.0) directs the department and reports to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.


B. Policy

The role of Furman University's Information Technology Services department is to provide the university community with timely and cost-effective access to information technology appropriate to the mission and goals of the university, and to provide assistance and advice in its use. The Information Technology Services staff will make a continuous effort to ensure that university operations are making the fullest use of available resources and technologies.

Information Technology Services staff will keep abreast of current technologies and trends and provide leadership in exploiting these technologies to establish, maintain, and enhance Furman University's competitive advantage. With advice from the University's Academic Computing Committee and Information Technology Advisory Council, Information Technology Services staff will develop a strategic plan for the use of information technology. This plan will be updated as necessary and serve as a blueprint for the creation of an information technology infrastructure. Information Technology Services staff will prepare budget requests and provide services consistent with the goals and priorities established in the strategic plan.

Information Technology Services staff will strive to provide a robust and effective environment to support the academic and administrative needs of Furman University. Services provided will include:


C. Guidelines

1. Information technology equipment designated as a university resource and access to that equipment are under the supervision of Information Technology Services. Equipment that is a university resource is available to all university users on a first-come first-served basis with the exception that faculty members have priority over students.

2. Information technology equipment that has been purchased as a departmental resource and access to the equipment are under the supervision of the department that purchased the equipment, unless other arrangements have been made with Information Technology Services.

3. For efficiency purposes, maintenance costs for all computing equipment, except for equipment described in Guideline 2., are part of the Information Technology Services budget.

4. All accounts (user names, access codes, etc.) for University information technology resources must be approved by Information Technology Services.

5. Even if they have previously established accounts, those using University information technology resources for personal enrichment must have such use approved by Information Technology Services.

6. Information technology resources are occasionally unavailable due to equipment failure. During such emergencies, Information Technology Services will make decisions on the priority of the work to be done.

7. Information technology resources are intended for use by university personnel, authorized contractors, and students for university purposes, and such use has priority. Any other use of such resources must be approved, in advance, by Information Technology Services.