315.2 Cell Phones

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315.2 Cell Phones


A. Background

For some time, the university has provided stipends for cell phone use by faculty and staff members whose job responsibilities benefited from the assistance of the devices. The evolution of cell phones to smart phones has brought escalating charges for texts, email, data, and telephone use, which has placed a great burden on the university's budget.


B. Policy

The university will discontinue providing cell phone stipends to employees.


C. Guidelines

1. The university will not own cell phones for the use of individual employees.

2. Furman purchasing cards or departmental accounts may not be used for individual employee's monthly cell service fees or for related equipment purchases.

3. Cell phone stipends are not available to any new employee. For faculty and staff members receiving stipends as of the date of this policy, they will be frozen at the amount provided on that date.   If faculty or staff members choose to increase their plans to a more expensive one, Furman will not increase their stipends accordingly. If lower cost options are chosen, stipends will be reduced.

4. Beginning July 1, 2014, all existing cell phone stipends will be limited to no more than $70 per month.

5. Beginning July 1, 2015, Furman will discontinue cell phone stipends altogether.