197.4 Cultural Life Committee Operating Procedures

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197.4 Cultural Life Committee Operating Procedures


A. Background

The Faculty Constitution (Article V. Section 5. (m)) establishes the Cultural Life Committee as a standing committee of the faculty.


B. Policy

The Committee shall supervise the Cultural Life Program (CLP). It shall develop policy and guidelines for the administration of the program and shall approve events to be included in the program.


C. Guidelines

1. Proposals for CLP credit will be submitted by faculty, staff, or students, via a web proposal form.

2. The CLP Committee will evaluate the proposals and vote weekly when classes are in session during the Fall and Spring Semesters to approve or deny CLP credit.

3. Proposals not approved by the Committee will be returned to the author and sponsoring faculty or staff member with an explanation consistent with the website-posted CLP guidelines.

4. The Committee will work with the CLP office, faculty, and student organizations to establish and implement guidelines for the effective and efficient operation of the Cultural Life Program.

5. The Committee will periodically review the CLP guidelines and student conduct rules, and, in light of such review, undertake action as appropriate.

6. The Committee will keep the faculty and students informed through the CLP web page.

7.  The Committee chairperson shall be a tenured member of the faculty.