155.2 Evaluation of Library Faculty

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Furman University uses evaluations of library faculty members as a basis for decisions concerning salary increases. In conjunction with other pertinent data, evaluations are also used in decisions about promotion, renewal of contract, non-renewal of contract, or termination.


Each library faculty member shall be evaluated annually on the bases of effective librarianship, professional activity, and institutional service. Also considered are devotion to duty, professional ethics, university citizenship, and, as appropriate, community service


1. Evaluation Criteria:

a. Effective librarianship is the most important criterion. Factors used to evaluate effective librarianship may include performance of primary work responsibilities, goals achieved, supervision of staff and student workers, service on library committees, liaison responsibilities, other duties such as reference and information fluency instruction as appropriate, and a willingness to work with students, faculty and staff.

b. Professional activity is judged on the basis of scholarly or creative activity (File 167.8) which could include:  presentations; publications; exhibits; membership and leadership roles in professional societies and attendance at meetings and conferences; grants written or received; and professional exchange with colleagues in other disciplines or at other institutions. Other factors to be considered are development of new library initiatives and further study or projects designed to improve effectiveness as a librarian.

c. Institutional service includes significant service to the library as well as to the university at large.  Library faculty will be evaluated on their performance of duties in support of the university, which could include committee work, student advising, positions of responsibility, and assistance with university functions.

d. Devotion to duty, professional ethics, and university citizenship will be considered (Files 122.1, 137.8). The faculty member's participation in civic, political, cultural, and religious activities in the community may also be taken into account.

2. Evaluation Procedures:

a. Library faculty will be evaluated each fall for the previous contract year by the Director of Libraries.

b. Library faculty in their first year at Furman will be evaluated during the spring term by the Director of Libraries.

c. Forms prepared by the Library Faculty will be used for the evaluation process.  These will include the library faculty member's self-report as well as the Director's evaluation. (Refer to Exhibit G in the Appendix.)

d. The library faculty member shall have the opportunity to read the Director's portions of the report.

e. After completion of the evaluation process The Director of Libraries will make merit recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice-President.

f. The evaluation of the Director of Libraries as a library faculty member shall be done by the Provost and Executive Vice-President.