330.1 McAlister Auditorium

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 05/03/2007
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 30 - Buildings/Grounds/Equipment
Originator: Vice President forFinance and Administration
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Adoption Date: 05/01/2007
Reviewed for Currency: 05/27/2007
Replaces File: 330.1
Date of Origin: 06/10/1977
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330.1 McAlister Auditorium


A. Background

McAlister Auditorium is one of Furman's primary facilities for assembling large groups. Because of the frequent requests for its use by "community" groups, agencies, and individuals, as well as the various purposes for which the auditorium is used internally, it is necessary to have policies governing use of the building.


B. Policy

McAlister Auditorium is used to promote the educational and cultural programs of the university. While it is used primarily for university events, use by non-Furman groups is encouraged as a vehicle for increased community involvement.


C. Guidelines

1. Administrative control of McAlister Auditorium is by the Executive Director of Conferences and Event Services.

2. The McAlister Auditorium Manager is the facility supervisor for the building. The manager schedules the building, operates the technical equipment, oversees the custodial services, and monitors the building for any deficiencies.

3. Requests for use of McAlister Auditorium will be submitted in writing to the Manager during the first week in November each year for the season beginning in June of the next calendar year (e.g., a request made in November of 2006 would be for July 2007 to June 2008). If firm dates for regularly scheduled events cannot be submitted during this time, an indication of needs along with a general time frame is requested. After the first week in November, any additional university-sponsored requests will be scheduled in the order that they are received. Due to scheduling requirements, it is sometimes necessary to book performing artists more than one year in advance. If this is the case, all early scheduling requirements will be subject to approval by the Executive Director of Conference and Event Services. Any such early commitment of dates will be indicated on the memorandum issued by the Manager prior to the November scheduling period. After January 15, off-campus events will be scheduled in order received.

4. Because of the increased demand for use of McAlister Auditorium, the following will not be permitted: Block reservations of longer than two weeks; The construction of non-portable scenery in front of the main curtain; Any significant alteration that will place restrictions on other groups within Furman or cause damage to university property.

5. The Manager or his or her approved representative must be present during any use of the auditorium. This applies to rehearsals as well as performances.

6. Ticket sales will be handled by McAlister Auditorium unless arrangements are made.

7. Conference and Event Services will establish fees to be charged to groups for functions that are not university-sponsored.

8. The Funderburke Room and its facilities were funded by a special gift to Furman and may be used only with the permission of the Manager.

9. Persons responsible for events in the auditorium should be familiar with Policy 365.5 relating to royalties due for performance of music on campus.

10. Inquiries from the news media about events in the auditorium should be referred to the Office of Marketing and Public Relations. News media personnel attending an event should be made as comfortable as possible, and their presence reported to the Office of Marketing and Public Relations.

11. All users of the auditorium will be expected to honor the university's desire to preserve the building in good order and condition. It is also expected that parking and traffic regulations will be followed.