330.2 Golf Cart Policy

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 04/05/2007
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 20 - Security/Traffic
Originator: Director of Administrative Services
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330.2 Golf Cart Policy


A. Background

This policy provides guidance on the use of golf cart-type vehicles on the Furman University campus.


B. Policy

This policy covers motorized vehicles including golf carts and other 3- and 4- wheeled vehicles that are powered by electric or internal combustion motors. This policy does NOT apply to tractors or other machinery, and not to golf carts used at the University Golf Course. It is limited to Furman University departments and operating units with authorized use (see below).


C. Guidelines

Prohibited Areas

1. Golf carts are restricted to streets and designated walkways on the Furman University campus. The following areas are off-limits:

• Covered walkways

• Any areas off the University campus

• Porches, patios, and entrance areas of University Center

2. Parking is preferred on hard, covered surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. The following areas are prohibited:

• Fire lanes

• Entrances to buildings, stairways, disability ramps, or main thoroughfares

• Gas golf carts must be parked at least 10 feet from any building.

Authorized Use

1. The acquisition and use of golf carts is limited to departments and operating units with valid business use to include transporting personnel, equipment, and/or supplies for University purposes.

2. Student use of golf carts is limited to medical reasons and disabilities only. Documentation is required from Student Health Services, Sports Medicine, medical physician, or Disability Services to the Director of Public Safety. Student use of golf carts must be approved by the Director of Public Safety. The Director provides regulations for use to students authorized to use golf carts.

3. Facilities Services shall be contacted prior to purchase to verify adequate power for chargers.


1. Operators shall not exceed the speed limits for motorized vehicles. Operators must reduce speed on walkways and in pedestrian areas. In crowded areas, such as during class changes, operators must park or proceed at a slow walking space and always yield to pedestrians.

2. Vehicles operating over 15 m.p.h. must have and use seat belts.

3. Travel shall be with the flow of traffic and follow the same protocols as a motor vehicle (ie. Stopping at stop signs, etc).

4. Vehicles shall not be operated in a manner that may endanger passengers or other individuals or property.

5. Do not exceed the passenger limit and load capacity designated by the manufacturer. For the most common type golf carts that means two passengers in the front seat and two additional passengers if a back seat is installed.

6. Passengers must keep their head, legs, feet, and arms within the cab.

7. Golf carts must have headlights and strobe light when operating after dark (tail lights also recommended). Operating golf carts without lights after dark will result in a $100 fine and installation of lights/strobe prior to future use.

8. Supervisors shall ensure that vehicles are routinely inspected and maintained by the Facilities Automotive Shop or a Golf Cart service company.


1. Procurement of golf cart-type vehicles must be acquired through the Purchasing department and have prior approval from the Director of Public Safety.

2. New vehicles (bought or extended lease) must include the following safety features:

• Rear view mirror

• Turn indicator signals

• Tail lights

• Head lights

• Strobe

• Horn

1. Used vehicles must include (at a minimum) the following safety features:

• Rear view mirror

• Horn

• Head lights (if used after dark)

• Strobe (if used after dark)

2. New golf carts shall be approved by Public Safety for safety feature inspection and registration within 5 days of delivery to responsible department. Registration information will include:

• Name of department or operating unit

• Make and type of vehicle

• Serial Number

• Business Purpose

3. All University-owned golf carts will have an identification number assigned by Public Safety. This number and the department’s name will be clearly visible on the vehicle.


1. Supervisors shall ensure that University-owned vehicles are inspected by Facilities Services or a Golf Cart service company at least every 6 months, and as needed to repair malfunctioning items.

2. Golf carts which are leased shall be routinely inspected and maintained as recommended by the rental company and vehicle manufacturer to ensure that they are in proper working order and have all safety features.


1. Public Safety enforces the appropriate and safe operation and parking of golf carts. They may issue tickets accordingly.

2. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed or otherwise disabled by Public Safety.

3. Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action, loss of golf cart privileges, and/or $100 fine, which was established by the Traffic and Parking Committee.