280.1 Use of the Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center

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280.1 Use of the Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center


A. Background

The Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center (PAC) is Furman's primary facility for student, faculty, and staff recreational activity. Because of frequent requests for the use of the facility by university departments and organizations and community groups, it is necessary to have policies governing its control, supervision, and utilization.


B. Policy

The Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center is primarily used to house the Health and Exercise Science Department, the Furman Fitness Center, Recreational Sports, and the Bryan Center for Military Science. The first priority for its use is for university-sponsored functions. Some of its facilities are made available to non-university groups and individuals under certain conditions.


C. Guidelines

1. The PAC Administrative Assistant, who reports to the Chair of the Health and Exercise Science Department, maintains an office in the building, authorizes key issue, approves use of facilities for on-campus and off-campus groups, schedules activities, maintains a daily schedule of approved functions, and issues custodial and maintenance requests.

2. Use of the facilities including the pool and Fitness Center, is available to students, faculty, and staff who display a valid Furman University ID card. Spouses and legal dependents of faculty and staff may obtain user cards for facility use from the Health and Exercise Science Department University Business Office. Children must be at least 13 years of age and not over 24 years of age and considered legal dependents according to IRS regulations in order to receive a user card. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent and are not issued user cards. Children under 13 years of age are not permitted to use the Furman Fitness Center. A limited number of PAC memberships are available for a fee. Members are issued a user card to be presented upon entering the building.

3. Students, faculty, and staff with a valid Furman ID or PAC user card may bring a total of five (5) guests to the PAC from July 1 to June 30 at no charge.

a. After exceeding five (5) guest visits (5 guest visits may be 1 person who visits 5 times or 5 people visiting 1 time each), the ID holder must pay a daily user's fee of $5.00 per visit for any guest.

b. Fitness Center members may bring a guest to use the PAC facilities for a five-dollar ($5.00) daily user's fee.

c. No individual may be a guest for more than five (5) visits per year.

d. Dependent children are not allowed to bring guests.

e. Student, faculty, staff, or Fitness Center members who bring a guest must accompany that guest while using the Lay Physical Activities Center facilities.

f. All guests must be registered at entry and read and sign an informed consent waiver.

g. A record will be kept of all guests.

4. Any reservations to use an area of the center must be scheduled through R25.

5. The Bryan Center for Military Science houses the Department of Military Science and the Department of Health and Exercise Science Health Education Laboratory. Use of the Health Education Laboratory will be scheduled through the PAC Administrative Assistant. The Department of Health and Exercise Science will have first priority for reservation of the Health Education Laboratory. The laboratory will not normally be reserved for outside groups unless approved by the Chair of the Department of Health and Exercise Science. The laboratory should be scheduled through the PAC Building Coordinator using established guidelines (see item 5). Use of all other Bryan Center facilities (classroom, conference room, offices) will be scheduled through the Chair of the Military Science Department. All other areas of the PAC to be used by the Department of Military Science must be scheduled according to the guidelines provided in this policy (items 4 and 5).

6. No reservations for space will be made for athletic teams which would violate an NCAA rule for official organized practice dates.

7. The budget unit head of the department scheduling the facility for on-campus users or the person requesting use of the space for off-campus users assumes responsibility for accidents. This also means filing Accidental Injury Reports with Public Safety.

8. A fee will be charged for any use of the center during a time when the center is normally closed. Requests for access outside normal operating hours should again be made through the R25 scheduling system.

9. All users of the facility will be expected to preserve the building in good order and condition. It is also expected that parking and traffic regulations be followed.

10. No key to any area of the facility may be issued without authorization of the PAC Administrative Assistant.

11. No smoking or tobacco products of any kind may be used in the facility.

12. Camps and other groups using the pool will be charged a fee for lifeguards. The rate is based on one (1) guard per twenty-five (25) swimmers. A general usage fee is also charged for all summer groups.