622.5 Athletics Facilities

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/07/2007
Category: 6 - Intercollegiate Athletics; 20 - Equipment/Facilities
Originator: Director of Athletics
Current File: 622.5
Adoption Date: 03/02/1999
Reviewed for Currency: 09/26/2017
Replaces File: 622.5
Date of Origin: 11/13/1979
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622.5 Athletics Facilities


A. Background

The Athletics Building (Alley Gym), Lay Physical Activities Center, Mickel Tennis Center, golf course, stadiums, track, practice fields, and playing fields are Furman's primary facilities for intercollegiate athletics and recreational purposes. Because of internal use and frequent requests for use by outside (i.e., campus or off-campus) groups, it is necessary to have policies and procedures governing their control, supervision, and utilization.


B. Policy

The athletics facilities at Furman University are primarily for intercollegiate athletics practice and competition. Secondly, they are for student and faculty recreation. They are available to non-university groups only under certain conditions.


C. Guidelines

1. Supervisory control of all athletics facilities except the Lay Physical Activities Center and the golf course is by the Director of Athletics.

2. The Lay Physical Activities Center is the responsibility of the Director of Campus Recreation. The administrative management of the golf course is the responsibility of the Director of Auxiliary Services.

3. Direct control of the athletics facilities under the Director of Athletics is by the director or by the appropriate coach. The specific responsibilities are as follows:

a. Athletics Building (Alley Gym) - Director of Athletics

b. Baseball Field - Head Baseball Coach

c. Football Practice Field - Head Football Coach

d. Paladin Stadium - Director of Athletics

e. Soccer Stadium - Director of Athletics

f. Mickel Tennis Center - Director of Mickel Tennis Center

g. Track - Head Track Coach

h. Timmons Arena Basketball Courts - Director of Athletics

i. Timmons Arena Volleyball Court - Director of Athletics

j. Softball Field - Head Softball Coach

k. Other Practice Fields - Director of Athletics

4. Any use of the athletics facilities under the control of the Director of Athletics by outside groups must be scheduled by the director. Before approving a request for use of one of the facilities, the director will consult the appropriate coach concerning his or her needs for the facility. Off-campus groups will be allowed to use these facilities only when they are not in use by intercollegiate teams, University organizations, students, or faculty.

5. While considering the request from an off-campus group to use an athletics facility, the Director of Athletics will take into account scheduled Furman and outside group activities elsewhere on campus, parking, impact of noise on scheduled activities, restroom facilities, etc.

6. A financial charge will be made for use of athletic facilities by non-Furman persons.

7. All users of the athletics facilities are expected to honor the university´┐Żs desire to preserve the facilities in good order and condition. It is also expected that parking and traffic regulations will be followed.

8. Requests for use of an athletics facility by an outside group must be in writing and include information such as name of group, size of group, intended purpose for use of space, duration of usage, person to be responsible, and specific description of space to be used.

9. When approved, a letter must be issued to the requesting group that will serve as the permit to use the facility. Copies of the letter will be sent to Public Safety, Facilities Services, the Marketing and Public Relations Office, the switchboard, PalaDen, and dining hall for their information and in the event special assistance is needed by the approved group.

10. If an athletics facility is to be used for a music event, the university must be provided with a copy of a signed agreement stating that the group has made arrangements for payment of copyright royalties. (See File 365.5, "Licensing and Royalties for Campus Performances of Music (Current)")