371.0 Courier/Central Receiving

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 01/23/2007
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371.0 Courier/Central Receiving


A. Background

In order to enhance the safety of the Furman Community and to promote an atmosphere conducive to Furman's educational goals, the university has instituted a central receiving point for all campus deliveries.


B. Policy

All deliveries to the university shall be directed to Central Receiving located at Facilities Services. Deliveries exempted from this policy are limited to food deliveries to the Dining Hall, Paladen, Younts Conference Center; large book/material deliveries to the Library and Bookstore, and U.S. Mail.


C. Guidelines

1. Routine Delivery a. When orders are placed with vendors, delivery location should be specified as Central Receiving, Facilities Services along with the department/person's name on the packing list or shipping documents. b. Priority deliveries such as UPS, FedEx, Boise Cascade, etc., will normally be delivered the same day they are received. c. Purchaser should notify Central Receiving informing them of any large or unusual shipments expected. 2. Non-Routine Delivery a. Non-routine and large items are often best handled by delivering directly to the requesting office. b. Central Receiving will coordinate the delivery and bring applicable, appropriate equipment to site to unload and place the delivered items into the requester's facility. 3. General Delivery a. Central Receiving is to coordinate with both the Purchasing Office and with Property Control (Financial Services) to ensure fixed assets are properly received and tagged, as appropriate at the point of delivery. b. Central Receiving is also responsible for entering the appropriate "receiving" transaction in the financial accounting/purchasing system. c. The University will make liberal use of the courier for on campus deliveries of mail, freight, parcels, and inter-office correspondence. d. The courier will also deliver and set up the portable tables and chairs in support of approved events, move property including excess/surplus items, and provide labor and equipment and inter-office moves. e. The courier operation, in coordination with the Purchasing Officer and Construction Manager, as appropriate, is responsible for coordinating and supervising moving contractors, on campus.