102.0 Academic Calendar

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 11/17/2006
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A. Background


The academic calendar helps to ensure a rigorous and stable academic program at Furman.  The university employs a semester-plus calendar to achieve such a goal.


B. Policy

With the approval of the Academic Policies Committee, the university has developed an algorithm, maintained by the Registrar, to establish specific dates for the academic calendar in upcoming years for all academic programs consistent with the guidelines detailed in this policy.  Deviations or changes to the algorithm require Academic Policies Committee approval.



C. Guidelines


1. The fall and spring semesters will comprise the traditional academic year. Semesters will include 14 instructional weeks (or a total of 68-70 class days) and a week for final examinations. Semesters will also include at least one weekday (Monday through Friday) reading/study day. 

2.  The fall semester will typically begin in late August, and the last day of exams must conclude no later than December 19.

3.  The spring semester will typically begin in early to mid-January, and final exams conclude in early May. The annual spring commencement ceremony will take place no later than the second weekend in May. 

4. Instruction during the May Experience will last 3 weeks (or a total of 14-15 class days).
5. The summer term will include two sessions for undergraduate day students, each five weeks in length (24-25 class days), the first beginning in early June and the second concluding in early to mid-August. The annual summer commencement ceremony will usually take place the second weekend of August each year. 

6. A single undergraduate-evening studies summer term will begin during the May Experience, and its conclusion will coincide with the end of the second session of the undergraduate day-student summer term. 

7.  In the event of university closures due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the Provost, in consultation with the Academic Policies Committee, should consider options to provide for “make up” days to reach the original number of prescribed class meetings in each term.