066.1 Funding Institutional Memberships in Organizations

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
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066.1 Funding Institutional Memberships in Organizations


A. Background

There are numerous state, regional and national organizations which appeal for membership to colleges and universities, departments, and individual faculty and staff members. Some of these render essential services for the benefit of institutions. However, the costs and value to the university must be monitored.


B. Policy

University funds may be used to fund institutional or departmental membership in only those organizations from which it can be shown that Furman receives significant benefit. Memberships in the name of individuals will not be funded by the university.


C. Guidelines

1. General institutional memberships which cannot be attributed to a single part of the university will be approved by the President.

2. Institutional membership in functional areas such as marketing and public relations, development, finance and administration, athletics, academic affairs (general), student life, enrollment, etc., will be approved by the appropriate administrative officer, whether vice president or president, and charged to the appropriate budget unit which recommends the membership.

3. Institutional or departmental memberships in academic discipline organizations will be recommended by the appropriate departmental chair, approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, and charged to the appropriate institutional or departmental budget account.

4. The President and each vice president will keep a file of all active memberships including the amount of annual dues, the budget account number charged, and a statement of the justification for using university funds for this purpose.

5. Exception to this policy and these procedures can be made only by the President in unusual circumstances.