267.3 Dining Hall Catered Student Picnic

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 09/15/2006
Category: 2 - Student Life; 60 - Food/Housing
Originator: Director of Administrative Services
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Adoption Date: 05/14/1998
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267.3 Dining Hall Catered Student Picnic


A. Background

Student group picnics are a long-standing tradition dating back to the Women’s College. The number of participants was small then with eligibility limited to recognized student organizations. Chartered organizations were permitted two picnics each academic year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. If the participant was a boarding student, the picnic was a replacement meal for the regular dining hall meal. Picnics were a welcome break from the dining hall since students seldom left campus. With the increased number of students and organizations on campus, a more defined policy is now necessary.


B. Policy

Student organizations requesting picnics as replacement meals are subject to the conditions set forth in the guidelines below. Student groups who wish to pay for a catered event may do so by contacting Catering Services.


C. Guidelines

1. Recognized student organizations that have been in existence for twelve months or more are eligible for one picnic and one Study Day breakfast per term as replacement meals for group members on a meal plan

2. Transitory student groups such as individual academic classes and intramural teams are not considered eligible for picnic and breakfast meals as replacement meals.

3. Requests for picnic or Study Day breakfast must be submitted to Catering Services at least five business days (Monday-Friday) prior to the event date. A request form is available from Catering Services. Student ID numbers for participating members must also be provided with the request form.

4. Students participating in picnic or Study Day breakfast who are not on a meal plan will be charged for their meal.

5. Menus are available from Catering Services for these picnics and breakfasts.