370.4 TAP Card Program

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 10/25/2004
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 70 - Purchasing/Supplies
Originator: Associate Vice President for Finance
Current File: 370.4
Adoption Date: 03/30/2015
Reviewed for Currency: 03/30/2015
Replaces File: 370.4
Date of Origin: 10/01/2004
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370.4 TAP Card Program


A. Background


The Travel and Purchasing Card (TAP Card) is one of the university’s authorized methods to pay for business travel expenses and goods and services required for the operation of the university.  Using the TAP Card to pay for university business related expenses reduces paperwork, processing time, and associated costs.  The TAP Card Program is administered by the Procurement Office.



B. Policy


TAP Cards are the university’s property and should be used with good judgment.   They can only be used for university business related expenses in accordance with this policy and the instructions in TAP Card Program Guidelines.  All expenses charged to a TAP Card must have a bona fide business purpose in compliance with the requirements of an Accountable Plan as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.  The Business and Travel Expense Guidelines provide further details on the Accountable Plan requirements.

This policy applies to the following individuals who are authorized to make purchases or incur business travel expenses on behalf of the university using the TAP Card, reconcile TAP Card charges, or approve TAP Card charges:



C. Guidelines


Refer to TAP Card Program Guidelines issued by the Procurement Office for complete instructions on the use of TAP Cards and the accounting of TAP Card charges.  The TAP Card Program Guidelines can be accessed on the university’s website at the Procurement Services’ webpage.