178.1 Reserve Materials

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 10/10/2005
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 70 - Library
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Adoption Date: 04/20/2011
Reviewed for Currency: 04/20/2011
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178.1 Reserve Materials


A. Background

In order to make available limited resources that are required reading for students in a course, the library has a reserve system which permits restricted access and abbreviated circulation to such items.



B. Policy

The library provides a controlled access area in which students may obtain a limited number of items that are required reading for students in a course for an abbreviated circulation period.


C. Guidelines

1.   Only items that are required reading for students in a course should be placed on reserve.


2.   Because of limited space at the Circulation Desk

      a.   Only fifteen (15) items may be placed on reserve per instructor per class.

      b.   Items that are recommended but not required reading should not be placed on reserve.

      c.   Non-circulating items such as reference books, periodicals, government

            documents, and special collections items will not be placed on reserve.

      d.   Textbooks will be placed on reserve only when the bookstore has insufficient copies

            to meet demand and additional copies are on order.

      e.   Items may not remain on reserve indefinitely.  All items are removed from

            reserve at the end of each term.

      f.    Items received via interlibrary loan may not be placed on reserve.


3.   Requests for items on reserve should be submitted on a "Reserve Request Form" at least two (2) working days in advance to the circulation supervisor on duty.


4.   Items may be placed on reserve for the following lengths of time and incur the fines noted when overdue.  Each item on reserve may be for any one (1) of the five (5) periods mentioned.

            a.     One (1) hour                            $1.00/hr

            b.     Three (3) hour                          $1.00/hr

            c.     Six (6) hour                              $1.00/hr

            d.     Twenty-four (24) hour              $1.00/hr

            e.     Three (3) day                           $1.00/day


5.   The library will take every prudent measure to make sure that personal copies are secure but cannot be responsible for loss or damage to personal copies.


6.   All items placed on reserve must comply with copyright law. The instructor assumes responsibility for any copyright infringement.