280.4 Use of Recreational Sports Fields

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/06/1999
Category: 2 - Student Life; 80 - Recreation/Social
Originator: Vice President for Student Services
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Adoption Date: 12/01/1998
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280.4 Use of Recreational Sports Fields


A. Background

The recreational sports fields are five fields located on four campus areas that are used for intramural and club sports competition. The areas include: (1) the VIP parking field behind Paladin Stadium, (2) the rugby field between the football stadium and the Cherrydale Alumni House, (3) the field parallel to Blackwell Residence Hall, and (4) the two fields across the street from the North Village Complex. Because of frequent requests by on-campus and off-campus groups for use of these fields, it is necessary to have policies governing their control, supervision, and utilization.


B. Policy

The recreational sports fields are used for intramural activities and club sports competition. These fields are made available to other groups and agencies under certain conditions.


C. Guidelines

1. Supervisory control of the recreational sports fields is the responsibility of the Director of Recreational Sports, who maintains an office in the Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center.

2. Any reservations for fields must be submitted in writing to the director on a form supplied by the director.

3. Priorities in scheduling are as follows: (1) intramural and club sports, (2) approved Furman groups, and (3) approved non-University groups.

4. The budget unit head of the department sponsoring the on-campus group using the field assumes responsibility for any accidents. This includes filing Accidental Injury Reports with Public Safety. For off-campus groups, the individual requesting the use of the field assumes these responsibilities.

5. Line marking of any type will not be allowed without approval of the Director of Recreational Sports.

6. Unauthorized motor vehicles will not be allowed on any field. Unloading and loading must be on the service roads leading to the field.

7. Following the activity, any litter must be placed in containers and the area left in the condition in which it was found.

8. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances is not permitted on campus, and visitors violating these regulations will be asked to leave the campus and be subject to legal action.

9. The Recreational Sports Field Use Authorization form must be in the possession of the user at all times in case Public Safety checks for authorization of field use. If the form is not available, Public Safety may ask that the premises be vacated.

10. The Department of Athletics should contact the Director of Recreational Sports at least three months in advance when parking on the recreational sports fields is needed for activities in Paladin Stadium. This does not include home football games.

11. When scheduling a Timmons Arena event that may require overflow parking, the Executive Director of Conferences and Event Services should consult the Director of Recreational Sports to insure that no club sports activities on the rugby field are scheduled at the same time as the planned event.