186.2 Faculty Meetings

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186.2 Faculty Meetings


A. Background

The business of the faculty is conducted at regularly scheduled faculty meetings and at special called meetings.


B. Policy

Faculty members are expected to attend faculty meetings and to be familiar with the announced agenda.  Every faculty member, as defined in the Constitution, is entitled to vote.  Active participation in the meetings is encourage and welcomed.


C. Guidelines

1. The faculty normally meets a minimum of four times during the academic year. Ordinarily, at least two meetings each are scheduled during both fall and spring semesters.


2. The Faculty Chair will publish a schedule of faculty meetings at the beginning of the academic year.  Meetings are normally scheduled at 3:30 P.M.  Meeting days should be rotated to minimize absences by those who might have fixed responsibilities on given days of the week. 


3. Reminders and agenda are distributed electronically before each meeting.  Items of new business are distributed to the faculty at least one week prior to the faculty meeting.


4. Special meetings may be called according to the procedures specified in the Faculty Constitution.