273.5 Student Health Services

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/06/1999
Category: 2 - Student Life; 70 - Health Services
Originator: Vice President for Student Services
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Adoption Date: 10/21/2014
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273.5 Student Health Services


A. Background


Furman University affirms its commitment to student health.  All undergraduate day students are eligible to receive health services.


B. Policy

The Student Health Services Staff will respond to health needs of any undergraduate student who reports to the Earle Infirmary during clinic hours as defined on the Health Services website. Student Health Services staff generally do not respond to on-campus emergencies. 


C. Guidelines

1. University Police officers serve as the first responders to health emergencies. In rare cases, a Student Health Services staff member may respond for an on-site assessment. The Director of Student Health Services is also available to Student Life staff members on call for consultation.

2. Students who have reported health emergencies to University Police are generally assessed on the scene. Students requiring medical care are transported to Student Health Services by University Police or by EMS to a hospital, as appropriate.

3. Physicians work are available in Student Health Services Monday-Friday.

4. The Director of Student Health Services is available for consultation for Student Life staff members on call during the fall semester, spring semester, May Experience, and summer sessions.

5. All medication dispensed to students in Student Health Services is covered by the operating budget. Any medication not stocked in Student Health Services must be purchased by a student at a pharmacy off campus.

6. Student Health Services will not be responsible to any degree, financial or otherwise, for treatment rendered by health care professionals not employed by the university. Appropriate referrals will be made by Student Health Services staff and health care professionals.