201.1 Vice President for Student Life

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201.1 Vice President for Student Life


A. Background

A Furman education includes social, physical, cultural, and spiritual growth as well as intellectual development. The Office of Student Life provides a variety of services to nurture the holistic development of students.


B. Policy

Under the supervision of the President of the University, the Vice President for Student Life has general responsibility for creating, maintaining, and evaluating services and programs for the university community including, career services, health services, housing, multi-cultural affairs, recreational sports, student activities, leadership programs and psychological counseling.



C. Guidelines

The Vice President for Student Life:

a. coordinates policy formation for the Division of Student Life;

b. coordinates and supervises the Student Life budgets, including the student communications budgets;

c. provides leadership in long-range planning;

d. coordinates with the assistance of Student Life department heads the employment of new personnel;

e. supervises and evaluates the performance of Student Life department heads and other direct reports;

f. serves as the official representative of the Division of Student Life at trustees' meetings, administrative retreats or other sessions;

g. advises and counsels students on any program relating to the students' personal welfare and individual difficulties;

h. meets regularly with student leaders to involve them in as well as to interpret and explain administrative decisions;

i. provides student leaders with information needed to strengthen their activities and organizations;

j. promotes programs for leadership training;

k. supervises the student conduct process when appropriate;

l. follows up student conduct cases and assists individuals in appropriate ways;

m. keeps student conduct records in confidential files;

n. oversees student conduct cases involving possible suspensions or expulsions from the University;

o. serves as liaison with administrative and faculty committees; (Examples: commencement, homecoming, etc.);

p. assists the administration of student withdrawals;

q. assists faculty members with special information (accidents, death in family) regarding students they teach;

r. provides information about students when requested by their instructors;

s. attempts to strengthen student activities by working to improve educational practices, creativity, originality and resourcefulness;

t. provides leadership in response to crisis situations;

u. coordinates the advising of student organizations;

v. provides leadership when needed for projects such as Junior-Senior Dance, Senior Banquet, and publishing of the Freshman Record;

w. coordinates ways to select students for nonacademic honors and awards;

x. controls student personnel records;

y. keeps policy on release of information up-to-date and provides for its enforcement;

z. enforces and monitors the impact of the Drug Free campuses act and University alcohol policy;

aa. coordinates research and assessment efforts of the Division of Student Life; and

bb. performs other duties as assigned by the President of the university in support of the goals and objectives of Furman.