206.1 Mailings to New Students Prior to Enrollment

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/06/1999
Category: 2 - Student Life; 00 - General
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Current File: 206.1
Adoption Date: 03/03/1999
Reviewed for Currency: 01/24/2006
Replaces File: 206.1
Date of Origin: 05/27/1975
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206.1 Mailings to New Students Prior to Enrollment


A. Background

The impressions of Furman that new students have before they enroll are often transmitted through written communication. Each summer, written communication with new students is desirable and necessary. The mass mailing policy is designed to minimize the cost of mailing and to avoid flooding students with too many materials.


B. Policy

All written materials sent in mass mailings to new students during the summer prior to their enrollment at Furman will be cleared through the office of the Vice President for Enrollment.


C. Guidelines

1. The Vice President for Enrollment, working with the department or staff wishing to mail information to new students, will schedule mailings and will determine when combined mailings are desirable. .

2. Requests for mass mailing to new freshmen and/or transfer students will be submitted through the appropriate vice president or other principal officer.

3. Requests should be submitted well before mailing is desired.

4. Requests should include a copy of the material to be sent and a cover letter designating the source of the request, the purpose of the mailing, and the group (freshmen, all new students, etc.) to receive the mailing.

5. Sufficient copies of letters and/or enclosures approved for mailing will be furnished by the department making the request.