088.1 Special Summer Programs

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088.1 Special Summer Programs


A. Background

Originally, Furman became involved in administering a few summer programs that were university related. Out of a desire to render public service, to strengthen public relations, and to bring about a profitable use of University facilities, it was decided to expand special summer programs. The resulting growth makes it necessary to clarify policies and guidelines.


B. Policy

In order to utilize its facilities effectively for a greater portion of the year, increase its income, and be of service to young people, pastors, members of the community and other selected outside groups, Furman University will make arrangements for appropriate programs to be scheduled on campus during the summer months. These programs must not disrupt the regular academic summer program and should be supportive of and contribute to the educational, cultural, spiritual and/or physical development of the participants.


C. Guidelines

1. Special summer programs must not be in conflict with the basic purpose, goals and objectives of the University.

2. The office of Camps and Conferences is assigned the responsibility for coordinating the scheduling and arrangements for special summer groups on campus. In special cases, responsibility for selected programs may be assigned to the Finance and Administration Office or some other department.

3. Requests for scheduling special summer programs should be submitted to the Office of Camps and Conferences in writing by February 1 of each year.  Requirements for space, equipment and staff support must be determined before a fee will be established.

4. Insurance coverage is required for all youth athletic groups. A youth athletic group is defined as a group of participants most of whom are between the ages of eight and eighteen years of age. Directors of these groups must provide within thirty (30) days of camp opening insurance certificates verifying that the following coverages are effective:

The Director of Camps and Conferences determines the classification of a group relative to insurance requirements and will collect required certificates of insurance.

5. Campersí accident insurance coverage is required of all youth groups sponsored by Furman. Sports camps in which Furman is the sponsor are required to provide campers insurance for all participants regardless of age.

6. Except for the campersí accident insurance provided to groups specified above, the University does not provide accident or medical insurance for participants in the special summer programs. Any medical costs resulting from injuries or sickness are the responsibility of the participants and not the University.

7. The scheduling of all summer programs should be compatible with the normal summer schedule of the University including the residence halls, dining hall, and maintenance department. Special summer programs are normally scheduled no earlier than the first Sunday occurring one full week after Commencement.

8. Participants in special summer programs will be subject to appropriate University rules and regulations and their directors are responsible for ensuring that effective supervision is maintained. The office of Camps and Conferences will provide copies of the appropriate rules and regulations to the group.

9. The person in charge of each special summer program is responsible for ensuring that adequate security precautions are taken for his/her group. The number of counselors to be provided by the sponsoring group for programs involving persons under eighteen years of age will be agreed upon in advance.

10. Except by special arrangements, no early arrivals or late departures will be allowed for participants in special summer programs.

11. All promotional materials must be approved by the Director of Camps and Conferences prior to distribution to the public to ensure that dates are correct and that Furman's role and responsibilities are properly represented.

12. The office of Camps and Conferences will prepare for the files a written evaluation at the end of each program, including how well the program seemed to meet its objectives and the extent to which it conformed to the above-stated policy and guidelines.