000.2 Explanation of Policies and Procedures System (PPS)

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/05/1999
Category: 0 - General Administration; 00 - General
Originator: Director of Institutional Assessment and Research
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Adoption Date: 09/20/2016
Reviewed for Currency: 09/20/2016
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Date of Origin: 12/11/1973
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000.2 Explanation of Policies and Procedures System (PPS)


A. Scope and Purpose

The Policies and Procedures System (PPS) provides a system of internal communications for developing, distributing, retaining, and revising policies, procedures, and other official communications pertaining to administrative, managerial, and operational activities.

B. Organization

The contents of the Policies and Procedures Manual are organized in ten major sections as follows:

Major Sections

000 General Administration                     

000 General                                                      

010 Archives/Records

030 Visitors

040 Planning/Research

050 Audiovisual

060 Committees/Organizations

070 Computer Services

080 Special Summer Programs

090 Miscellaneous                                    

100 Academic Affairs 

100 General

110 Organization

120 Responsibility

130 Academic Freedom

140 Benefits

150 Status

160 Professional Growth

170 Library

180 Procedures

190 Miscellaneous  


200 Student Services 

200 General

210 Admissions/Records/Registration

220 Awards/Honors/Scholarships

230 Committees/Organizations

240 Religious Life

250 Counsel/Guidance/Placement

260 Food/Housing

270 Health Services

280 Recreational/Social

290 Miscellaneous  


300 Finance and Administration 

300 General

310 Accounting/Auditing/Budgeting

320 Security/Traffic

330 Buildings/Grounds/Equipment

340 Business/Office Management

350 Fees/Tuition

360 Insurance/Legal

370 Purchasing/Supplies

380 Service/Travel

390 Miscellaneous  


400 Development and Alumni Affairs 

400 General

410 Endowment

420 Fund Raising

430 Advisory Council

440 Alumni

490 Miscellaneous 




500 Marketing and Public Relations                                                                          

500 General

510 Information/Publication

520 Associations/Organizations

530 Community/Government

540 Public/Media

590 Miscellaneous


600 Intercollegiate Athletics

600 General

610 Affiliations/Memberships

620 Equipment/Facilities

630 Special Programs

690 Miscellaneous


700 Auxiliary Operations

700 General

710 Dormitories

720 Dining Hall

730 Pala Den

740 University Store

750 Golf Course

790 Miscellaneous


800 Personnel

800 General

810 Benefits/Services

820 Compensation/Records

830 Employee Relations/Communications

840 Employment

850 Health/Safety

860 Professional Growth/Training

870 Special Activities

880 Holidays

890 Miscellaneous


900 Miscellaneous

900 General

C. Definitions

1. A policy is a broad statement of general intent defining what is permissible or expected.

2. A procedure is more specific instruction describing how a policy is implemented.

D. Responsibilities

1. The policy on policies states that the person responsible for a department, program, activity, or function is responsible for seeing that appropriate policies and procedures are developed and revised as deemed necessary for the effective management of the area—provided that he or she shall not issue policies or procedures that contravene those issued by higher authority.

2. The originator is responsible for coordinating policies and procedures with key persons who are involved or affected prior to distribution insofar as practical.

E. Coordination and Control

Since the responsibility for policy guidance is delegated to the person responsible for the activity, it is desirable to minimize confusion through appropriate coordination and editorial control. At the university level this function will be performed by the Director of Institutional Assessment and Research. This responsibility will include checking the policy for format, consistency, conflict, overlap, and the assigning of file numbers. Policies, procedures, and instructions that pertain only to individual departments or functional units will be under the editorial control and coordination of the originating person.

F. Distribution

1. PPS Manual. The official version of the Policies and Procedures Manual is available on the campus intranet to anyone holding a Furman network account.

2. Faculty Handbook. The official version of the Faculty Handbook is online. Specially marked pages in the Policies and Procedures Manual indicate Faculty Handbook.