309.1 Vice President for Finance and Administration

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309.1 Vice President for Finance and Administration


A. Background

The President's administration of the university is largely through several vice presidents, one of whom is responsible for business and financial affairs.


B. Policy

The Vice President for Finance and Administration has responsibility for university-wide business and financial matters. He or she is delegated the authority to perform this function within the framework of university-wide policies and procedures and specific authority set by the Board of Trustees and its committees.


C. Guidelines

1. The Vice President for Finance and Administration is a professional position reporting to the President.

2. The responsibilities include:

a.      supervising the Director of Administrative Services, the Controller/Director of Financial Services, the Director of Facilities Services, the Director of Campus Planning and Landscape Management, the Director of Budget  and Analysis, and the Executive Director of Conference and Event Services in a manner whereby their goals and responsibilities are met;

b.      providing leadership in the financial planning for the university;

c.       developing business and financial projections of the university;

d.      developing business and financial policies for the university;

e.       providing counsel and advice to the President as requested and as needed;

f.        employing professional expertise in order to achieve a level of excellence in the areas of his or her responsibility;

g.       supporting other members of the administration in an appropriate manner;

h.       providing reports as appropriate to keep the President and Board of Trustees informed as to the operations of the Finance and Administration units and the financial position of the university; and

i.         developing income-producing projects for the university.