170.1 Organization of the Furman Libraries

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170.1 Organization of the Furman Libraries


A. Background


The Furman University Libraries support the curriculum and meet the research and information needs of students, faculty, staff, and the extended Furman community. The Libraries include the James B. Duke Library, the Sanders Science Library, and the Robert J. Maxwell, Jr. Music Library.  The Libraries are comprised of an Administrative Unit, Special Collections and Archives, and three divisions: Collection Services, Discovery Services, and Outreach Services.



B. Policy

The Libraries are essential to the overall success of Furman University as a leading liberal arts institution.  The Libraries' faculty and staff serve to assist and participate in the pursuit of scholarship and foster an environment that nurtures curiosity and provides opportunities for intellectual growth. The Libraries seek to identify and implement innovative means for broadening access to information beyond their immediate holdings while continuing to build and maintain on-site resources.  The Libraries' public spaces serve as a research, learning, and discovery commons designed to connect students with knowledge and with each other. In addition to its primary mission, the James B. Duke Library serves as a selective U.S. Government Document Depository for the 4th Congressional District of South Carolina and as the official archives for the university.


C. Guidelines

1.  General information.


a.  The Libraries have an extensive collection of print, online, and media resources.  Their website provides access to the online catalog, research databases, and online journals and books.

b.  Personnel include library faculty, staff, and student assistants organized to optimize their knowledge, skills, and talents in order to meet patron needs in a cost-effective manner. The organizational chart is available on the Libraries website.

c.  The Library Leadership Council is composed of the Director of Libraries and the divisional Assistant Directors. The Council is responsible for overall leadership and management of the Libraries.

d.  In the absence of the Director, the line of authority for decision making moves to the divisional Assistant Directors who will consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, if necessary.

e.  The Library Committee is a faculty committee composed of six faculty members elected by the faculty, with two student members appointed by the President of the Student Government Association (SGA), and two administrative members (usually the Director of Libraries and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost or his/her designee) appointed by the President. The committee is charged with making recommendations on the policies and operations of the Libraries and reviewing the disbursement of budgeted library acquisition funds.

f.  Members of the Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) meet with the Library Leadership Council and communicate students' library-related needs and ideas to enhance library resources, services, and facilities. The group is composed of volunteers including several representatives from student organizations.


2.  Library File Summaries


This section provides the names and links to the specialized Libraries files in the Policies and Procedures Manual/Faculty Handbook.  For detailed information on each topic, please refer to the file number cited.


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