093.0 Facility Supervisors

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093.0 Facility Supervisors


A. Background

Furman University facilities are to be used primarily to support the instructional program and the related activities of its students. Facility supervisors are needed in order to assure that each facility is properly maintained and used so that the best interests of the University are promoted.


B. Policy

Each facility on campus is under the immediate jurisdiction of a facility supervisor. Facility supervisors will serve as liaisons between Facilities Services and the occupants or users of the facility.


C. Guidelines

1. Responsibilities of the facility supervisor include:

a. Overseeing scheduling use of the facility consistent with principles stated in individual facility management policies so that authorized programs' events operate under optimum conditions. Charges for use of facilities should not be made without prior approval from the University’s Budget Director. The Controller/Director of Financial Services is to be notified of each event for which charges are to be made.  The Registrar coordinates the schedule for all published instructional activity.

b. Establishing and publishing operating policies for the facility in accordance with the Policy on Policies. (See Policies and Procedures Manual, File 000.5.)

c. Establishing with the authorized users and in coordination with the Public Safety Department a security plan for the facility. This plan might include the lock/unlock schedules, issuance of keys, locking of assigned areas, etc.

d. Acting as a point of coordination with Facilities Services. Major maintenance work will be scheduled through the facility supervisor so that programs conducted in the facility will not be disrupted. Facility supervisors are to report to Facilities Services any major inadequacies in housekeeping and/or maintenance.

e. Being informed about renovations and maintenance work on the facility.

f. Supporting the Public Safety Department in maintaining safe conditions in the facility.

g. Keeping the person to whom the facility supervisor reports informed about the facility and problems that have not been solved.

h. Complying with the provisions of the policy relative to the posting of materials on and/or within the facility. (See Policies and Procedures Manual, File 330.5.)

i. Assisting in implementing policies related to facilities (e.g. energy use, evacuation plans).

2. These facilities are sponsored by these supervisors or their designees:

a. Amphitheater – Executive Director of Conference and Event Services

b. Athletics Building – Athletic Director

c. Baseball Diamond - Head Baseball Coach

d. Bell Tower - Director of Facilities Services

e. Biology Natural Area (by Golf Course) – Chair, Biology Department

f. Campfire Cove - Director of Public Safety

g. Campus Rental Houses (6) - Director of Administrative Services

h. Cherrydale - Director of the Alumni Association

i. Child Development Center - Director of Child Development Center

j. Daniel Chapel - Chaplain

k. Daniel Dining Hall - Director of Dining Services

l. Daniel Music Building - Chair, Music Department

m. Duke Library - Director of Library

n. Earle Infirmary - Vice President for Student Life

o. Ellis Band Practice Field - Director of Bands

p. Facilities Services - Director of Facilities Services

q. Farmer Hall – Vice President for Development

r. Furman Administration Building – Registrar

s. Furman Hall – Chair, Classics Department

t. Gatehouse - Director of Public Safety

u. Gazebo - Director of Facilities Services

v. Golf Course and Pro Shop - Director of Golf Course

w. Herring Music Pavilion - Chair, Music Department

x. Hipp Hall – Chair, Economics Department

y. Hut, Shack, Cottage, Cabin - Director of University Housing

z. Intramural Fields - Director of Recreational Sports

aa. Johns Hall – Chair, Psychology Department

bb. King Football Practice Field - Head Football Coach

cc. Lake - Director of Public Safety

dd. Lakeside Residence Halls - Director of Housing and Residence Life

ee. Lay Physical Activities Center - Chair, Health and Exercise

ff. McAlister Auditorium Operations - Executive Director of Conference and Event

gg. Mickel Tennis Center – Athletics Director

hh. Montague Village – Vice President for Finance and Administration

ii. North Village - Director of Housing and Residence Life

jj. North Village Estridge Commons - Director of Housing and Residence Life

kk. Nursery - Director of Planning and Landscape Management

ll. Observatory – Chair, Physics Department

mm. Old College - Director of Facilities Services

nn. Paladin Stadium – Athletic Director

oo. Parking Lots - Director of Public Safety

pp. Picnic Shelter - Executive Director of Conference and Event Services

qq. Playhouse - Chair, Theatre Arts Department

rr. Plyler Hall - Chair, Biology Department

ss. REK Center – Head Coach, Men’s Golf

tt. Riley Hall - Chair, Mathematics Department

uu. Roe Art Building - Chair, Art Department

vv. Ropes Course - Director of Shucker Leadership Institute

ww. Softball Field - Head Softball Coach

xx. South Carolina Heritage Site - Director of Facilities Services

yy. South Residence Halls - Director Housing and Residence Life

zz. Stone Soccer Stadium – Athletic Director

aaa. Timmons Arena – Executive Director of Conference and Event Services

bbb. Track - Head Track Coach

ccc. Train (Scout Hut) - Director of Facilities Services

ddd. University Center - Director of Student Activities/University Center

eee. Younts Conference Center - Executive Director of Conference and Event Services

fff. All Other Areas - Director of Facilities Services

3. Facility supervisors report to their immediate supervisors on matters concerning campus facilities.