193.6 Daniel Recital Hall

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 10/10/2005
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 90 - Miscellaneous
Originator: Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
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Adoption Date: 01/15/1999
Reviewed for Currency: 09/30/2005
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193.6 Daniel Recital Hall


A. Background

Furman University facilities are to be used primarily by faculty and students for educational purposes. Because of the nature of certain facilities, academic and other departments of the university must share facilities originally designed for the primary use of a single department. Daniel Recital Hall is such a facility. Designed expressly for the programs of the Music Department, the Recital Hall is the only medium-sized auditorium on the campus and is frequently needed for lectures, readings, worship services, and university programs sponsored by both the academic departments and particular offices of the University. Non-Furman groups on occasion seek to use the hall for special programs.


B. Policy

Events in the Daniel Recital Hall are to be scheduled by the Office of the Chair of the Department of Music. Contract use for non-university events may be negotiated by the Director of Continuing Education, with the approval of the Chair of the Department of Music. All users will be required to agree to the special arrangements, restrictions, and prohibitions established in the guidelines. All activities of a religious nature must be approved by the Chaplain's Office.


C. Guidelines

1. Use of the recital hall for any single event is restricted to 365 persons, the capacity seating of the hall, and the stage party.

2. Normally, the hall will not be scheduled more than a year in advance of the event.

3. At the time an event is scheduled, the Chair of the Music Department and the user must agree to arrangements for moving equipment, placing furniture on the stage, locating and using audio-visual equipment, lighting the hall, and cleaning and restoring the hall to its proper condition after an event.

4. No user is to use, move, or place equipment, flowers, plants, or other articles on the grand pianos without written approval of the Office of the Department of Music.

5. If other than normal custodial services are required to prepare the hall and to restore it to its proper condition immediately following an event, the user must pay for the special custodial services. The user must also pay for the services of a lighting attendant authorized by the Music Department, who will be present throughout non-University events and have responsibility for seeing that the conditions of these guidelines are met.

6. The user will be required to pay for damages to furniture or musical instruments in the hall.

7. Food and drink are prohibited in the recital hall and users accept the responsibility of seeing that this prohibition is honored.

8. Under normal conditions, food and drink are not to be served to a group prior to an event. Small receptions may be scheduled following an event if approved by the Music Office and if custodial service for cleaning up afterwards is provided. The supplying of all serving equipment as well as the moving of tables will be the responsibility of the user. Such receptions should be held in the foyer of the lower floor.

9. Smoking is not permitted in the recital hall or in the foyers on either floor.

10. Non-Furman groups who are approved users of the hall and the pianos must pay fees required to tune the pianos, unless tuning fees are a part of negotiated user-fees.