191.2 Catalogs

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 10/10/2005
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 90 - Miscellaneous
Originator: Academic Administration
Current File: 191.2
Adoption Date: 09/21/2014
Reviewed for Currency: 09/21/2014
Replaces File: 191.2
Date of Origin: 11/12/1975
Classification: Faculty
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191.2 Catalogs


A. Background

In addition to the Charter and Bylaws, the organization chart, the Constitution of the Faculty of Furman University, the Faculty Handbook, and the University Policies and Procedures, the catalogs serve as official sources of information about the organization and functioning of the University.


B. Policy

The Furman University Catalog, the First Year Seminar Guide, the Furman University Graduate Studies in Education Catalog, and the Furman University Continuing Education Catalog are the official catalogs of the University. The catalogs provide information on academic programs, regulations, and requirements. In addition, the catalogs offer comprehensive information about the university, its educational offerings, its faculty, its staff, its accreditation, and its organization.



C. Guidelines

1.   The Furman University Catalog is edited by the Registrar’s designee with input from the administration, the department chairs, and the directors of individual programs. The Registrar’s designee is responsible for all aspects of the Catalog’s preparation and publication, including oversight of the Catalog budget.

2.   Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, in concert with the Registrar’s designee, manage all aspects of their catalogs’ preparation.  

3. Course listings in the Furman University Catalog and First Year Seminar Guide will be periodically reviewed by the individual academic departments, programs and interdisciplinary minors, the First Year Seminar Oversight Committee, the Curriculum Committee, and the Academic Policies Committee. Amendments to the course listings in either document can be made according to the Curriculum Committee Operating Procedures, File 190.1.

4.  Academic regulations in the Furman University Catalog will be reviewed periodically by the Academic Policies Committee. Changes to these regulations can be made according to the Academic Policies Committee Operating Procedures, File 190.5..

5.   A searchable version of the Furman University Catalog is published on the university’s website each academic year.  Specific sections or the entire document can be saved or printed.