178.2 Acquisitions

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178.2 Acquisitions


A. Background

The Furman University Libraries enjoy strong, cooperative relationships with faculty in developing and strengthening the library collections through selection of new materials and withdrawal of superseded items.


B. Policy

Library faculty and staff, in cooperation with teaching faculty, work to develop a comprehensive library collection within budgetary constraints. Materials purchased with library funds are managed by library staff and are available for use by the Furman University community and loaning partners such as PASCAL member libraries. Each faculty member is responsible through his or her department for recommending the acquisition of new library materials and will be consulted on the removal of marginal or inadequate materials in his or her area of expertise.


C. Guidelines

1. The Director of Libraries, in consultation with the Library Committee, allocates a specific portion of the library materials budget to each department for the acquisition of materials for use by all library patrons.

2. Requests for library purchases must be submitted through the designated departmental library liaison. Requested items should be submitted in priority order.

3. Careful judgment is required in establishing subscriptions to library materials, since these represent an ongoing commitment of fiscal resources. Requests for new subscriptions or changes in existing subscriptions must be submitted through the appropriate library liaison. These requests will be reviewed to assess potential use, availability of indexing, and alternate means of access.

4. Funds not encumbered by March 1 revert to the library's general materials budget. Items on order at the end of the fiscal year are encumbered against the library's appropriate departmental budget in the subsequent year.

5. Resources which are out-of-date, superseded, duplicated by other sources, worn out, not used, or which do not support the curriculum are reviewed by the library faculty in cooperation with the appropriate department for deselection from the collection.