176.4 Gifts to the Library

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 10/10/2005
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 70 - Library
Originator: Director of Libraries
Current File: 176.4
Adoption Date: 04/18/2016
Reviewed for Currency: 04/18/2016
Replaces File: 176.4
Date of Origin: 11/24/1992
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176.4 Gifts to the Library


A. Background

Donated materials enrich and enhance the quality of the collections of the Furman Libraries and contribute to the advancement of its primary mission, the support of the academic program.


B. Policy

Furman Libraries accept monetary gifts and gifts of an artistic, historical and scholarly nature which fit within the teaching/instructional programs of the academic departments or within the overall scope of the mission of the Libraries.


C. Guidelines

1. Many donors elect to support the Furman Libraries with monetary donations. Monetary donations are received and processed in accordance with 423.1.  Gifts to the University. Alternatively, the donor may send donations to the Development Office for a specific purpose, for example “for library collections” or “for the Special Collections and Archives.” An overview of gift policies and procedures, including information for potential donors, is available on the website of the Furman Libraries. Information on establishing endowments for the Libraries may be obtained from the Director of Libraries or the Development Office.

2. All items donated become the property of Furman Libraries.

3. Library faculty and staff, occasionally with the assistance of other faculty, decide on the acceptance and disposition of each gift-in-kind. Items which duplicate existing holdings, which do not fit established collection policies, or which are in unusable condition may be refused, given to other organizations, sold, or discarded. Those items retained are integrated into the collection as appropriate.

4. The Furman Libraries also collect primary source materials such as manuscripts, rare books, personal papers, photographs, and other materials in certain areas including, but not limited to, Furman history, the university faculty and alumni, American history and literature, Baptist history, and South Carolina poets and poetry. The acceptance of such items requires that the items be original documents and that the university be given full title and intellectual rights to the materials.

5. Under most circumstances the Furman Libraries cannot pick up gift-in-kind donations. Donors may call Libraries Administration or check the website of the Libraries for additional information on transferring gifts.

6. The establishment of the value of a gift-in-kind for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. The Furman Libraries, by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, cannot legally establish such values.

7. Gifts-in-kind will be acknowledged by a letter from the Director of Libraries or the Special Collections Librarian. The letter will include the number of items donated but will give no list of titles or values unless they are supplied by the donor. Each item added to the collection will be recognized through bookplate, catalog note or other methods, as appropriate.