111.5 Associate Academic Dean

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 09/21/2005
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111.5 Associate Academic Dean


A. Background

Since 1965, the year in which the first Associate Dean was appointed, the chief academic officer has been assisted by the Associate Academic Dean. As of 2011, the Associate Academic Dean reports to the Senior Associate Academic Dean while the responsibilities remain unchanged.


B. Policy

The Associate Academic Dean is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, and is responsible to the Senior Associate Academic Dean.


C. Guidelines

1. The Associate Academic Dean normally teaches one course per year.


2. The duties and responsibilities of the Associate Academic Dean include the following:

a. Advise students and faculty concerning academic policies and procedures;

b. Hear students' requests for exceptions to academic regulations and deadlines;

c. Verify reasons for student class absences, and coordinate faculty notification of official excused absences;

d. Coordinate academic probation regulations. Notify students of probation status, including academic suspension and dismissal, and of the grades needed to return to good standing.

e. Administer the adjudication process of alleged cases of academic dishonesty;

f. Administer the process of student appeals of grades;

g. Oversee and coordinate the process by which students are readmitted to the university;

h. Oversee and coordinate the processes by which students are permitted a leave of absence from the university;

i. With the Vice President for Student Life, coordinate student withdrawals for medical reasons;

j. Supervise and coordinate procedures for student evaluation of instruction and the posting of faculty


k. Work with the chair of the faculty Appeals Committee, the Office of Academic Records, and students to facilitate the processing of students' academic appeals;

l. Communicate with the University's NCAA compliance officer and the Athletic Director concerning students' eligibility for varsity competition;

m. Serve on the President's Council, Athletics Committee (ex-officio), Academic Policies Committee, Curriculum Committee, Calendar Committee, Awards and Financial Aid Committee (Chair), Crisis Management Committee, Behavior Intervention Team, Retention Committee (Co-chair), and other committees as appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean;

n. Supervise the Assistant Academic Dean for Advising, the Director of Academic Assistance, and the Disability Services Coordinator. Co-supervise the Administrative Assistants to the Office of the Academic Deans; and

o. Assist the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean and the Senior Associate Academic Dean as requested.