190.5 Academic Policies Committee Operating Procedure

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 09/19/2005
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190.5 Academic Policies Committee Operating Procedure


A. Background

The Faculty Constitution (Article V. Section 5a) establishes the Academic Policies Committee (APC) as a standing committee of the faculty.


B. Policy

The Academic Policies Committee (APC), in cooperation with the academic administration, shall develop curricular policies and recommend changes in these policies for all undergraduate academic programs -- regular session, summer session, and special programs. In addition, the committee is charged with developing policies on all academic matters affecting undergraduates, including, but not limited to academic calendar, course-weight proposals, graduation requirements, general education requirements, probation, transfer of credit, grading, and dual-degree programs (engineering, medicine). The committee shall submit its recommendations to the faculty.


C. Guidelines

1. Oversight of Academic Regulations. The committee should periodically review the University's academic regulations (as set forth in the University Catalog) and the policies and procedures concerning academic affairs, and in light of such review should identify regulations, policies and procedures that need to be studied, clarified, amended, or substantively changed, and undertake such action as appropriate. The committee should keep the faculty informed about policies under consideration or review through faculty notices, communication with department chairs, or other available means.

2. Requests for Review of Academic Regulations. Requests for a review of any academic regulation should be presented to the Chair of APC in written form. Generally these requests come from a member of the Academic Administration, a department chair, or the chair of a faculty committee, but requests may also be received from individual faculty. If APC determines that a request is outside its purview or requires no action, the committee chair will notify the originator of the request.

3. Approval of Courses for General Education Requirement (GER) and/or Concentration Credit. New course proposals containing requests for general education or concentration credit, after having been reviewed and endorsed by the Curriculum Committee (See File 109.1), will be reviewed by APC. Proposals requesting general education or concentration credit for existing courses do not require consideration of the Curriculum Committee prior to consideration by APC. The Chair of APC will make the appropriate presentations regarding these proposals to the faculty.

4. Review of Academic Majors and Concentrations. Proposals for new academic majors or concentrations and proposals for changes to the requirements for an existing academic major or concentration are submitted first to the Dean of the Faculty, and then to the APC. (See File 109.1 and File109.3)

5. Reporting to the Faculty. Agenda items to be considered by or reported to the faculty shall be posted in advance and in accordance with the deadlines established by the Chair of the Faculty. When appropriate, motions proposed for faculty approval shall be accompanied by a written explanation that provides a rationale for the recommendation, as well as relevant background.