032.5 Use of Furman Facilities by Outside Groups

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032.5 Use of Furman Facilities by Outside Groups


A. Background

Furman University is a private institution devoted primarily to the education of its students. The facilities of the university are to be used primarily to support the instructional program of the university and the related activities of regularly enrolled Furman students. From time to time outside groups request the use of the facilities for various programs or events.


B. Policy

In order to utilize the facilities more effectively and to be of service to members of the community and other selected outside groups, Furman University may make arrangements for appropriate individuals or groups to use available facilities. Use of the facilities must not disrupt the regular academic program, scheduled extracurricular events, or maintenance schedules. The approved programs or activities should support and contribute to the educational, cultural, spiritual and/or physical development of the participants.


C. Guidelines

1. Groups or individuals using the campus facilities will be subject to appropriate university rules, regulations, and fees.

2. Because programs or activities held on the Furman campus are identified with the university, regardless of who sponsors them, events of a controversial nature may not be approved if the general public or Furman's constituents may interpret the institution as being supportive of a particular position, issue, or activity.

3. Consideration of requests by outside individuals or groups to use Furman facilities will be by a special committee consisting of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Development, Director of Continuing Education, Athletic Director, Chaplain, and Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations. The President will serve ex officio on the committee, and the Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations will act as chair.

4. Each facility on campus is under the immediate jurisdiction of a facility supervisor. The list of facility supervisors is updated annually by the Vice President for Business Affairs.