187.8 Faculty Records of Grades

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 05/30/2005
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 80 - Procedures
Originator: Acad. Adm. & Faculty Status Committee
Current File: 187.8
Adoption Date: 10/20/2015
Reviewed for Currency: 10/20/2015
Replaces File: 187.8
Date of Origin: 07/02/1974
Classification: Faculty
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187.8 Faculty Roll Books


A. Background

It is necessary that a faculty member's grades and grading policy be available to the department chair in case of emergency.


B. Policy

Each faculty member should have a grading policy clearly stated on the course syllabus, and a copy of the syllabus should be kept on file in the department. The department chair should also keep account of where and how each faculty member keeps a record of the grades in a course.


C. Guidelines

1. Every faculty member shall make a record of the assessment of student performance in all work that contributes to a student's final grade.  All records of grades (whether paper or electronic) should be maintained securely, and the department chair should know how to access them if necessary.

2. Records of grades should be retained for two academic years.

3. Faculty members terminating their relationships with the university are required to deposit their records of grades for the previous two academic years with the department chair.

4. See also entry on File 123.1 "Grading".