877.7 Jury Duty

Created by: Dana Trebing on 03/09/2005
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 70 - Special Activities
Originator: Director of Human Resources
Current File: 877.7
Adoption Date: 03/09/2005
Reviewed for Currency: 03/09/2005
Replaces File: 877.7
Date of Origin: 09/06/1973
Classification: Personnel
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877.7 Jury Duty


A. Background

Furman University supports employees who are called to serve on jury duty. This policy was developed to clarify compensation eligibility for employees who are called to serve on a jury or who are subpoenaed to appear as a witness.


B. Policy

An employee who is called to serve on a jury or who is subpoenaed to appear as a witness and who loses time from regularly scheduled work shall receive his or her regular pay for such time lost.


C. Guidelines

1. Payment for jury duty will be made under the following conditions: Employees who are in an active work status and work at least twenty (20) hours or more per week on a regular basis will be eligible for payment for jury duty. The summons to serve on a jury or subpoena to appear as a witness must be presented to the supervisor as soon as the summons is received, prior to the time scheduled to serve. At the completion of jury duty or serve as a witness, the supervisor must be furnished with evidence of jury service or service as a witness for the time claimed. Each day that an employee loses regular work because of jury duty or service as a witness, the employee will receive pay in accordance with his or her normal work day. Pay will be computed at straight time on the current hourly or salary rate. If jury duty exceeds ten (10) consecutive working days, the employee may be placed on unpaid leave of absence (with benefits continued).

2. Time spent on jury duty or service as a witness will not be counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime pay. However, if a Public Safety officer must testify in a court case for Furman University, these hours will be treated as regular hours worked and included in overtime pay calculations.

3. Time spent on jury duty or service as a subpoenaed witness will not be charged against earned sick leave.

4. The employee's supervisor shall be responsible for notifying the Payroll Department of the scheduled work time an employee was absent for jury duty or serve as a subpoenaed witness. The supervisor must also put the time lost on the time card and note that it is for jury duty or service as a witness.

5. A supervisor will make no attempt to get an employee released from serving on a jury or as a subpoenaed witness except with the approval of the appropriate vice president.

6. An employee must report back to work each day or any portion of a day that he or she is not called to serve on the jury or to appear as a subpoenaed witness.