861.2 After Hour Jobs for Support Employees

Created by: Dana Trebing on 03/09/2005
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 60 - Professional Growth/Training
Originator: Director of Human Resources
Current File: 861.2
Adoption Date: 03/09/2005
Reviewed for Currency: 03/09/2005
Replaces File: 861.2
Date of Origin: 12/21/1993
Classification: Personnel
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861.2 After Hour Jobs for Support Employees


A. Background

Some of Furman's employees work for other persons or employers after their regularly scheduled hours at Furman. This policy was developed to provide guidelines and to avoid a potential conflict of interest.


B. Policy

Furman employees who work in other jobs may do so as long as that job does not interfere with their job at Furman and does not create a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest is defined as engaging in any business or having any financial or personal interest which is incompatible with the proper completion of the employee's duties or would tend to impair his or her independence of judgment or action in the performance of his or her duties.


C. Guidelines

1. Work for other jobs must not be performed on Furman time.

2. Telephone calls for other jobs (either making or receiving) must not be done on Furman time.

3. Printed advertisements such as business cards, flyers, posters, etc., must not reference Furman employment and must not list a Furman telephone number.

4. Tools, equipment, or supplies owned by Furman must not be used for completion of work for other employers.

5. Employees who work for employers who do business with Furman University should notify their supervisor to obtain approval to avoid creating a conflict of interest.

6. If an employee's job performance declines and the employee indicates that the hours worked on a second job are a factor, the employee will asked to make adjustments to ensure that his or her performance level is maintained at acceptable standards.