011.2 University Records

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
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011.2 University Records


A. Background

It is necessary that the records of the university be maintained and preserved in order to protect the university, its faculty and staff, employees and all those who do business with or attend the university. The university is equally concerned with preserving material of research or historical value.


B. Policy

All records created by any employee of Furman University in the performance of his or her duties as an employee are the property of the university (adopted May 9, 1967, by the Board of Trustees).


C. Guidelines

1. "Records" are any documents, correspondence, accounts, policy statements, summaries, statistics, projections, programs, reports, papers, maps, books, photographs, or any items, regardless of physical form, that are created by an employee of Furman University in the performance of his or her university responsibilities, and which are appropriate for preservation as evidence of Furman's internal structure, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other basic activities, or because of the inherent informational value of such material.

2. Records may not be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by an employee but are to be kept in his or her office as long as they are active. When they are no longer active, they are to be transferred to the archives.

3. The university archivist will develop a records retention schedule for each office in consultation with the respective office head. The records retention schedule will include the recommended times for keeping records, the disposition of records that do not have permanent value, and the schedule for transferring records to the archives.

4. Archives will provide record storage boxes and labels for all materials to be sent to archives.

5. Records are not to be sent to university archives without the prior approval of the archivist.