848.1 Employment Policy: Administrative and Support Staff

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848.1 Employment Policy: Administrative and Support Staff


A. Background

The employment, promotion, and transfer of staff should follow established policy and procedures in all departments and to ensure compliance with EEOC regulations.  Procedures for appointment of faculty are contained in the Academic Affairs section of the Policies and Procedures Manual, File 157.9. Employment procedures for students are administered through the Student Employment Office.


B. Policy

Applicants for employment will be recruited, selected, and employed, promoted or transferred on the basis of individual merit and ability with respect to the position being filled in accordance with EEOC regulations. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources will be responsible for ensuring compliance with university policy and procedures, and with federal equal employment regulations. Therefore, all advertisements, applicant pools, selections and job offers must be cleared through the Human Resources Office during any hiring, promotion, or transfer process.


C. Guidelines

To provide for proper personnel administration, the following procedures must be followed for all non-faculty employment:

I.  Staff Hiring Policy; Roles and Responsibilities

Budget Unit Head Procedure

1. Prepare a "Position Refill Request/New Position Request" form and forward it to the Human Resources Office for review and approval. The form is available in the Human Resources Office, as well as on MyFurman under HR Forms.

Human Resources Procedures

2. Receive appropriate signed form and reconcile any questions regarding salary and the advertising time frame.

3. Human Resources forwards the form to Finance for budget approval.

4. Work with hiring manager to prepare the advertisement and to determine the appropriate publications for placing the advertisement to attract a qualified and diverse applicant pool.

5. Create position in the applicant tracking software and post the position on the Furman website. Place the advertisement in the appropriate publications as requested by the hiring manager. The minimum advertising period for positions is five (5) business days. For salaried administrative positions, advertisements will also be placed in appropriate industry employment sites.

6. In coordination with the hiring department, provide the following employment services:

a. training on applicant tracking system

b. training on diversity recruitment practices

c. processing background checks and, when required, Driver's License checks

d. providing EEO reports, as requested

Hiring Manager Procedures

7. Review all submitted applications and resumes. When reviewing applications, ensure that you are abiding by the Furman University nondiscrimination policy (See File 832.1).

8. Select applicants for interview and notify Human Resources Office of the applicants selected for interview. Qualified applicants from within Furman University should be interviewed for the position.

9. The hiring manager, with Budget Unit Head approval, will interview applicants and make determination on final candidate. The selection of the final candidate should be agreed upon between both the Budget Unit Head and the hiring manager. Prior work history and/or references will need to be checked on all final applicants considered for employment.

10. Consult with Human Resources Office regarding pay and fringe benefits before making any offer of employment. No offer of employment will be made until after the advertising cut-off date and the background check has cleared. (Human Resources Office staff are available to discuss benefits with final candidates.) If a current employee is selected, the transfer of positions will be made in conjunction with the current employee’s supervisor.

11. After consulting with Human Resources Office, make final offer to candidate, then confirm the new hire's pay, benefits, and employment date with Human Resources Office.

12. Send notification letters to applicants using applicant tracking system.

Human Resources Procedures

13. Assist with completing the paperwork for the new hire.

II.  Promotions and Transfers

1. Employees interested in a promotion or transfer must apply for the position using the online applicant tracking system by the advertised cut-off date.

2. Current employees may agree to an initial interview with the hiring department; however, at the time a second interview is requested or the department indicates it is seriously considering the current employee for hire, the employee must notify his or her supervisor or ask the Human Resources Office to notify the supervisor of the possible transfer and/or promotion.

3. Promotions and transfer decisions will be made based on the job performance and qualification of the applicant(s) compared to the job requirements of the vacant position. If two applicants are equally qualified for a position, and one is a current employee, then the employee will be given preference for the job.

4. This section of the policy, Promotions and Transfers, will not apply in the following situations: (1) Temporary opening where a job is established for a specific period of time or for the duration of a specific project or assignment. (2) Reassignment of a number of employees in connection with an internal reorganization of a department or function made at the discretion of the Budget Unit Head and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. (3) Reassignment of an employee to correct a faulty placement, eliminate personal frictions, or accommodate a disability made at the discretion of the Budget Unit Head and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.

III.  Standards and Conditions to be considered during the employment process:

1. The applicant will be at least eighteen (18) years of age, unless the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources gives approval for hiring sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) year olds for a specific position.

2. Prior work history and/or references will be checked on all final applicants considered for employment by the hiring manager.

3. Background checks will be completed on the final candidates and, when required by the position, Driver’s License checks will be completed. Candidates whose records do not meet the job requirements will not be employed.

4. Deliberate omission or falsification of any pertinent information in the resume or application for employment is sufficient grounds for immediate termination of employment.

5. The applicant must be acceptable to the supervisor to whom he or she will report.

IV. Induction and Orientation

The Human Resources Office is responsible for initial orientation and induction of a new employee, including informing each new employee about Furman and its programs, benefits, and regulations. The hiring manager is responsible for ensuring that the new employee's workplace is ready and for further orientation and training concerning the job.