818.1 Sick Leave: Support and Administrative Personnel

Created by: Dana Trebing on 03/01/2005
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 10 - Benefits/Services
Originator: Director of Human Resources
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Adoption Date: 03/01/2005
Reviewed for Currency: 03/01/2005
Replaces File: 818.1
Date of Origin: 12/07/1976
Classification: Personnel
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818.1 Sick Leave: Support and Administrative Personnel


A. Background

The Furman University sick leave policy is designed to assist employees during periods of illness. It is not designed to provide additional time off from work.


B. Policy

The University will provide payment during specified illness-related absences for support and administrative employees for the purpose of maintaining the earnings of such employees for a reasonable period during the time they are unable to work.


C. Guidelines

1. All regular, full-time administrative and support personnel who work a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week for nine (9) consecutive months are eligible for sick leave. Part-time employees and employees classified as "temporary" are not eligible for benefits regardless of the number of hours worked in a week.

2. Sick leave is defined as absence for personal injury or sickness (including dental care, examination by doctors, etc.) of the employee, and/or necessary absence because of sickness, injury or compelling personal reasons in his or her immediate family or of dependents. The immediate family is defined as spouse, domestic partner, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children and permanent members of the immediate household. A dependent is defined as anyone who resides permanently with the employee. Up to three days of available sick leave may be used as funeral leave for the immediate family, dependents, mother-in-law and father-in-law. Additional sick or vacation leave may be used for funeral leave upon approval of the Director of Human Resources.

3. Employees will accrue sick leave at the rate of one (1) day for each full month of service with a maximum of two (2) weeks (ten working days) in any calendar year. (Employment commencing on or before the 15th of the month shall be counted as one (1) full month for the purpose of this policy.)

4. A week will be the equivalent of the employee's regular scheduled workweek.

5. When an employee is eligible for worker's compensation payments, the university will pay the difference between such payments and the employee's regular pay up to accumulated sick leave. After ninety (90) calendar days, the employee may apply for the benefits for which he or she is eligible under the long-term disability program.

6. Unused sick leave can be accumulated from year to year up to a maximum of sixty-four and one half (64.5) workdays (the equivalent of 90 calendar days). On termination, employees will not be entitled to additional compensation for unused sick leave.

7. Employees making false statements in order to receive sick pay are subject to dismissal.

8. Sick leave time should be indicated on the support employee's time card or by submitting the Salaried Absentee Report to the Human Resources Office for each sick leave period taken. The Payroll Department in the Financial Services Office will maintain records of the sick leave pay taken by each support employee. The Human Resources Office will maintain records of the sick leave pay taken by each administrative employee.

9. At the request of the budget unit head or department supervisor, an employee may be required to submit a medical doctor's certification (or other similar affidavits) as proof of eligibility for sick leave before sick leave pay is granted.

10. When earned sick leave is inadequate to cover absences caused by the employee's illness, the time lost may be charged against earned but unused vacation time due the employee.

11. Employees who are on an approved leave of absence may be required to use their sick leave balance during the leave of absence. (See File 815.1.)