817.81 Discipline and Termination--Support and Administrative Staff

Created by: Dana Trebing on 01/02/2002
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 10 - Benefits/Services
Originator: Assistant Vice President forf Human Resources
Current File: 817.81
Adoption Date: 04/20/2017
Reviewed for Currency: 04/20/2017
Replaces File: 817.81
Date of Origin: 09/15/1998
Classification: Faculty; Personnel
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817.81 Discipline and Termination--Support and Administrative Staff


A. Background

Employment legislation dictates the necessity for a procedure covering discipline and termination. This policy was developed to provide general guidance for all departments of the university. This policy does not establish any contractual rights and does not alter the at-will employment status of any employee. While Furman strives for uniform application of these guidelines, Furman reserves the right to respond to any situation, in its sole discretion, as it deems appropriate.


B. Policy

The university expects all employees to complete their job responsibilities and to comply with reasonable rules of conduct in connection with their work (See File 817.8). Budget Unit Heads and other supervisors will be responsible for communicating and enforcing this policy. Disciplinary action is normally undertaken with the intent of working with the employee to bring performance and conduct up to a satisfactory level. Furman reserves the right, however, to respond to any situation, in its sole discretion, as it deems best. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources must be notified before any disciplinary action is taken.


C. Guidelines

1. After consulting with Human Resources, the following considerations should be taken into account by the Budget Unit Head and supervisor when determining disciplinary:

a. The seriousness of the offense.

b. The frequency of violations by the employee.

c. The time interval between violations and the employee response to prior disciplinary actions.

d. The employee's work record.

e. The consistency of discipline applied to other employees in similar circumstances. (The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources should be consulted for this item.) In most instances, discipline should be administered progressively (i.e: Verbal Warning, Written Warning, Suspension Without Pay, or Final Written Warning, Termination).

2. All types of disciplinary action must be documented on the Notice of Disciplinary Action form with copies to the employee, the supervisor and the personnel file. This documentation will include specific reasons for the disciplinary action, expected actions to be taken and the consequence of any further infractions and will include the signature of both the employee and supervisor.

3. If the employee disagrees with the disciplinary action and wants to appeal the decision, he or she may do so through the Employee Grievance Procedure (See File 833.1).

4. Three written warnings during any twelve consecutive months may subject an employee to termination of employment. The employee's record will be reviewed by the immediate supervisor, the Budget Unit Head and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources to determine if termination is justifiable.

5. When an employee commits a major infraction requiring immediate action, after consultation with Human Resources, the Budget Unit Head or the supervisor will have the authority to suspend the employee without pay for a period not to exceed 5 work days. A suspension for a major infraction may lead to possible termination. Major infractions include but are not limited to: (a) Theft of property on campus. (b) Damage or destruction of property on campus. (c) Physical assault or fighting on the campus. (d) Possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons. (e) Endangering the safety of others. (f) Insubordination. (g) Any action on university property or while on university business involving alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, which are prohibited. See File 850.1. (h) Not reporting to work for three consecutive work days without notifying the supervisor. (i) Any other action that, in management's judgment, is of sufficient severity to warrant discharge. Furman reserves the right to treat any situation as a major infraction based on the circumstances. NOTICE OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION form available from the Human Resources Office.