817.8 Employee Regulations and Responsibilities

Created by: Dana Trebing on 01/02/2002
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 10 - Benefits/Services
Originator: Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Current File: 817.8
Adoption Date: 04/28/2014
Reviewed for Currency: 04/28/2014
Replaces File: 817.8
Date of Origin: 05/02/1975
Classification: Faculty, Human Resources
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817.8 Employee Regulations and Responsibilities


A. Background

Furman University has established guidelines to ensure a safe and positive place to work. These guidelines are not a contract, and they do not change the employment status of any at-will employee. The cooperation of all employees is necessary to achieve the university’s desired work environment. Employee regulations and responsibilities will be explained to all new employees as part of the orientation process.


B. Policy

All employees are expected to comply with and fulfill regulations and responsibilities and to supplement them with individual judgment. This policy outlines those regulations and responsibilities, but is neither exhaustive nor all-inclusive and does not restrict the university from handling other matters as they may arise. Infractions of these regulations and responsibilities may result in disciplinary action or termination.  See File 817.81.  The university is committed to open communication with employees about meeting job expectations and providing feedback on employee performance and compliance.


C. Guidelines

1. Proper work performance is expected of each employee.

2. Regular and timely attendance is expected of each employee. A trend of tardiness or absenteeism may result in discipline and will be reflected in the performance review attendance rating.

3. Advance notice of absence from work should be given by the employee to his or her supervisor. See File 858.1.

4. Proper completion of time cards, leave of absence forms, leave reporting, and other payroll records is the employee's responsibility. Falsification of records will result in discipline.

5. For hourly employees, work is not to be started before or continued beyond the specified work hours without prior approval from the employee's supervisor.

6. Orderly conduct is expected of each employee. Gross misconduct is considered a major infraction which could result in immediate termination of employment.  Examples of gross misconduct include but are not limited to sexual misconduct, threatening or abusive language, refusing to follow procedures or to complete assignments, fighting, harmful practical jokes, immoral or indecent conduct, possession of weapons, possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, reporting to work under the influence of intoxicants or illegal drugs.

7. Proper care and use of university property is every employee's responsibility. Damage to or unauthorized use of university property may result in discipline. Theft of university property will result in discipline.

8. Each employee is expected to observe rules for safe conduct, for safe procedures, and for use of safety equipment. Employees are likewise expected to observe rules designed to secure the workplace and the university as a whole. Endangering the safety of one’s self or the safety of a fellow employee will result in discipline.

9. Personal injuries occurring on the job are to be reported to the supervisor regardless of how slight the injury.

10. Solicitation by employees on university property is prohibited when the person soliciting or the person being solicited is on working time (defined as the time employees are expected to be working, excluding rest, meal, or other authorized breaks). Distribution of literature by employees on university property in nonworking areas during working time, as defined above, is prohibited.

11. Sleeping on the job will result in discipline.

12. Smoking is not allowed in any of the university facilities or within 25 feet of windows or doorways. See File 850.2.