800.1 Director of Human Resources

Created by: Dana Trebing on 02/28/2005
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 00 - General
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Current File: 800.1
Adoption Date: 02/28/2005
Reviewed for Currency: 02/28/2005
Replaces File: 800.1
Date of Origin: 03/21/1996
Classification: Personnel
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800.1 Director of Human Resources


A. Background

Human resources planning is an important function in the overall planning process for the university. Development and monitoring of employment, payroll, compensation, benefits, and performance reviews are necessary for equity among employees and for faculty and staff satisfaction.


B. Policy

The Director of Human Resources provides services to meet the needs of the faculty and staff in the areas of human resource planning, compensation, benefits, employment, policy development and implementation, performance review, compliance, and payroll.


C. Guidelines

1. The Director of Human Resources is appointed by the President and is directly responsible to the President.

2. The duties and functions of this office include:

a. Supervising the human resources staff by establishing procedures, assigning priorities, reviewing work performance, providing training and hiring/firing/disciplining as needed;

b. Maintaining the compensation plan by performing job analysis and job evaluation, completing job descriptions and salary surveys, and presenting and justifying changes to the compensation plan;

c. Reviewing and monitoring the benefit package, developing benefit bid packages and benefit education and wellness programs and deciding on changes to the benefit program to meet employee needs;

d. Developing and implementing employment procedures including application forms, procedures and policies, recruitment, and reviewing requisitions, reports and applications for compliance with policies and procedures;

e. Preparing and updating policies and procedures for personnel services to state university policy and to comply with state and federal laws; providing training to employees regarding policies and compliance;

f. Monitoring the use of the performance review system by reviewing forms submitted and conducting training courses and following up on reviews requiring justification;

g. Monitoring the use of the Discipline policy;

h. Reviewing and approving payroll changes to ensure accuracy and compliance with university policies;

i. Preparing the annual budget for the human resources area and monitoring and approving expenditures;

j. Preparing the university budget for faculty and staff salaries and benefits based on the Budget Committee's recommended salary pool and preparing salary agreements;

k. Evaluating and expanding the automated personnel management system by updating or creating data files, tables, screens and reports;

l. Mediating among employees to resolve issues and conflicts;

m. Assisting departments in human resource planning; and

n. Completing special projects, including report preparation, research, analysis, training meetings, etc., as assigned by the President.