157.9 Faculty Recruitment

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157.9 Faculty Recruitment


A. Background

Furman University strives to recruit the best qualified faculty.


B. Policy

Faculty recruitment is the joint responsibility of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean and the department to which the appointment is to be made. The search for and hiring of new faculty, including advertising, will uphold Furman’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and will conform to the university's nondiscrimination policy.  See File 832.1.


C. Guidelines

1. The department chair, in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean and departmental faculty, will seek the best-qualified teacher scholars. The department chair is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment process supports this goal.

2. Advertisements for faculty positions will be published in the discipline's nationally circulated publication, The Chronicle of Higher Education, or other appropriate venues, with a closing date of no fewer than 30 days from the day of publication, unless the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean approves otherwise. Advertisements must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.

3. Finalists will be invited to visit the campus as part of the evaluation by prospective colleagues. Unless otherwise stipulated, all legitimate expenses for the trip will be paid for by the university. Only in unusual circumstances will the expenses of other members of the family be paid.

4. A recommendation for appointment will be made by the chair of the department to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean. This recommendation should be made only after supporting evidence of the candidate’s training, experience, and other qualifications, including professional references, has been secured and evaluated by the candidate’s prospective departmental colleagues.

5. Appointments will be official contingent on the submission of official transcripts for all college and graduate work.

6. All understandings, limitations, and promises pertaining to proposed appointment are recorded in writing and become a part of the contract. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean is responsible for final negotiations, the final terms of the contract, and securing approval of the faculty appointment by the President and the Board of Trustees.