187.4 Postal Service

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 80 - Procedures
Originator: Acad. Adm. & Faculty Status Committee
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Adoption Date: 10/07/1998
Reviewed for Currency: 11/28/2001
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187.4 Postal Service


A. Background

The University Post Office is located in the University Center and is open from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. daily except Tuesday 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday.


B. Policy

Faculty members may mail all official correspondence by placing unstamped envelopes in the campus mail.


C. Guidelines

1. Faculty mail is distributed and picked up daily. Mail for faculty in the James C. Furman Classroom Building is distributed in the mail boxes in the faculty lounge, and outgoing mail is picked up from there by Mail Services at the same time. Mail is also delivered and picked up from department offices in other buildings. First-class and third-class mail should be separated by rubber bands and clearly marked. The odd size brown craft envelopes should be sealed. Foreign mail or air mail should be indicated by a paper clip on the outside of a single envelope or by a rubber band around a bundle of envelopes. Paper clips or staples will not go through the meter machine unless placed at the bottom of the envelope. Packages must be wrapped and ready for mailing.

2. Bulk class mail must be handled in a special manner. It is necessary to make arrangements for this service with an off-campus supplier. Bulk mail is not handled by the campus post office.

3. Mail is received and leaves the campus by U.S. Postal Contract Carrier daily, Monday through Friday, at 6:00 P.M. Mail is received on Saturday at 7:30 A.M. but is sorted only into the student postal boxes.