077.3 Purchase or Lease of Information Technology

Created by: Dana Trebing on 02/23/2005
Category: 0 - General Administration; 70 - Computer Services
Originator: Chief Information Officer
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Adoption Date: 01/31/2013
Reviewed for Currency: 01/31/2013
Replaces File: 077.3
Date of Origin: 02/03/1976
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077.3 Purchase or Lease of Information Technology


A. Background

In order to avoid unnecessary duplication and fragmentation of Information Technology Services, it has become necessary to establish a procedure for processing all requests for purchase or lease of related equipment, software, and services.


B. Policy

All proposed purchases or leases of information technology-related equipment, software, and services must be approved by the Chief Information Officer before any contract to purchase or lease equipment, software, and services can be signed, regardless of which budget is to provide the funds for the purchase or lease.


C. Guidelines

1. This policy covers the following types of computer-related equipment:

a. Data collection devices,

b. Terminals and data entry devices of all types,

c. Computer systems and their associated components, such as memory, peripheral devices, and controllers,

d. Any devices that will be connected to the university's telephone, data and cable TV network, with the exception of standard television receiver devices (such as television sets and VCRs).

2. Only the Information Technology Services department may specify and procure network-related equipment, software, and services.

3. Departments undertaking projects involving the use of information technology should involve Information Technology Services staff in all phases of the project in order to avoid unanticipated expenditures or delays. A representative from Information Technology Services will work with the department to ensure that any associated information technology procurements or modifications are properly coordinated and are in compliance with all established standards and policies.

4. All requests must include the following items:

a. A description of the equipment, software, or services to be obtained, including their purchase cost and anticipated future costs to the university,

b. A description of the uses to be made of the equipment, software, or services,

c. The source of funds for the equipment, software, or services,

d. Anticipated support required from Information Technology Services, and

e. Proposed implementation schedule.

5. Information Technology Services retains control of all network infrastructure components, regardless of the source of funds used to acquire them. The Chief Information Officer may, at his or her discretion, re-deploy such components, provided the application for which they were purchases is not compromised. These components include network hubs, switches, routers and gateways.