071.6 Support for Home Use of Personal Computers

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071.6 Support for Home Use of Personal Computers


A. Background

Information Technology Services must implement a set of policies and guidelines to ensure reasonable expectations with regard to support of employee use of personal computers at home, to ensure that proper steps are taken to ensure data integrity and security, and to ensure that software licensing agreements are not violated. This policy does not address issues such as employee compensation for work done at home or whether or not working from home should be encouraged or required.


B. Policy

The Chief Information Officer sets the condition and guidelines under which home use of personal computers will be supported by the Information Technology Services staff.


C. Guidelines

1. All software used in an employee's home for Furman University business must be properly licensed. It is the responsibility of the Budget Unit Head to ensure that software licenses are purchased, where necessary.

2. Each Budget Unit Head must provide the Chief Information Officer with a list of university-owned hardware and software that is in use off-campus, including software and accessories used in conjunction with employee-owned equipment. The Budget Unit Head is responsible for ensuring that this list is kept current.

3. The University will not provide hardware support (troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair) for employee-owned equipment.

4. In the event of malfunction of any university-owned equipment, such equipment must be brought to Information Technology Services, by appointment, for diagnosis and repair.

5. Any equipment used at home for university business must meet the minimum specifications established by Information Technology Services for support of university applications.

6. Any access to confidential university data from off-campus is limited to secure network transmissions such as HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) or the university's VPN (Virtual Private Network) client.

7. Individuals and departments allowing or requiring employees to work from home must discuss this with the Chief Information Officer to ensure that there is a common understanding of the kind of support that is expected and of the cost to the University.

8. Support of certain activities may require a financial commitment on the part of Information Technology Services. Arrangements between university departments and Information Technology Services to support employees working at home or off-campus are contingent upon approval of funding. Where possible, all such activities should be anticipated at the time the university budget is prepared.